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Jul 31, 2006 05:31 PM

Late Night Coffee Shops

Need recs for late night coffee shops anywhere within 10-20 miles of Downtown LA. Preferably, this place is good for late night studying / students. I know there are 24 hour places in K town, but I can't concentrate when there's K-pop and hot girls.

Well, I can deal with the girls...


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  1. Fred62 is open 24/7, but if you try studying there, you'll look like every other "writer" in the joint.

    Psychobabble, which is a couple of storefronts north of Fred62, is open until 2AM everyday, I believe, but Sunday (when it closes at midnight or so). There's free wi-fi, I believe.

    Alcove Cafe is open until 11 or midnight on weekdays and 1 or 2 on weekends.

    While it may be a bit out of the way, Susina is usually open until 11 or so-- perhaps midnight? There's also free wi-fi.

    There are a few late-night-ish cafes in the USC area as well. I can't remember any off-hand, but there are some.

    But, then again, what's wrong with dealing with the girls in Ktown? :P

    1. Astro at the corner of Glendale and Fletcher in Silverlake is open 24 hours, not too crowded late at night, not too noisy and so long as you order at least a little something from time to time no one is going to bother you about sitting there.

      1. One of my friends loves hanging out at a place called Coral Cafe in Burbank (Burbank Blvd, a couple blocks east of Hollywood Way). I think this might be ideal (well you said 20 miles...), it's lively but still mellow enough to study in. I've been there a couple times, it's pretty cool.

        Much closer to Downtown is Piper's on Western and Beverly. It's also open 24. Also a mellow environment but still not dead. The food's pretty good, but some things, like the meat loaf, are pretty lousy. One of my friends *always* has the open-faced tri-tip sandwich. The place is also known for its rice pudding, which I always get when I'm there.

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        1. Bump for more suggestions

          1. Dupars in Farmer's Market is open 24 hours a day.