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Jul 31, 2006 05:24 PM

good BBQ in Studio City/Sherman Oaks/North Hollywood?

Looking for a good BBQ restaurant in the valley.

I've been to Boneyard Bistro and didn't think their BBQ was that great. It was tough and dry. Although the bistro menu was pretty good.

Has anyone been to Uncle Andre's BBQ or Mr. Cecil's California Ribs? I'm looking for fall off the bone, juicy meat.

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  1. You are in luck. There is a new BBQ joint in N Hollywood, Big Papi's, on Burbank 1 bl west of Cahuenga. See reveiws by GVDub and me

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      1. Das Ubergeek you had to say, "Snookies Cookies" YUM

        my mouth just watered when I read that, some of the best cookies around

        Good stuff for dessert after the barbecue :>)


        P.S-Why hasn't anybody brought up Carter's barbecue suggestion "Boneyard Bistro" I'm still wait to hear what others say about this spot besides one person. I ran inside and it more on the elegant side?

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          I went to Boneyard Bistro a few months after they first opened. I had the 2 way combo with tri tip and beef ribs. The tri tip was overcooked and dry. The beef ribs were tough and chewy. I went with my whole family and we all thought that the BBQ was below average.

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            Now that I've finally managed to get in, it's great for bistro food but the BBQ was terrible, dry and they tried to make up for it with sauce.

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            1. If you can navigate all the way out to the frontier of North Hollywood (on the cusp of Van Nuys) at Hazeltine and Vanowen, there is Mom's in the corner of the mini-mall on the south-east corner. I guess they are open now after July 30 (according to a post in another thread); I haven't been there in years, but I order you to get the peach cobbler.

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                I think Mom's is my fave bbq valley joint now, it's good food and cheap. Bummer part is the ridiculous wait whether you call in advance or walk-in. I love her Mac n Cheese. Get it everytime. Go, but be very, very patient.