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Jul 31, 2006 05:08 PM

Edinburgh, London Wine Bars, any suggestions?

Hi I am looking for the best wine bars in Edinburgh and London.
Does anybody have the "killer list" of great places?
are there any great ones?
Also good not too expensive restaurants with interesting wine lists.

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  1. The best wine bar in London bar none is The Cork & Bottle in Leicester Sq

    A real treasure which many people walk past without noticing.

    It's been open for years and Don Hewitson consistently has one of the great wine lists in London much of it available by the glass.

    Not to be missed


    1. I agree about the Cork and Bottle. Gordons, in a basement near Embankment Tube STation is good too, and atmospheric. The Wine Wharf in Stoney Street, near Borough Market, is a bit more expensive but has some excellent and interesting wines especially by the glass. Also nice tapas-type food.

      RSJ restaurant in Coin Street, near the Old Vic, is a good restaurant with an exceptional wine list largely devoted to the Loire (red and pink as well as white).

      1. Gordons on Villiers st is a good suggestion. Although, I have not been in for a long while

        Vinoteca in Smithfield has one of the best lists of Spanish and Italian wines I have seen anywhere added to which, Carol Craddock's cooking is great. It is just opposite St John restaurant