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Jul 31, 2006 04:59 PM

PDX: Southeast carb news?

Two things: I have heard that St. Cupcake is opening a branch on S.E. Belmont. Also, there is an anomalously-tony-looking French bakery kind o' place starting to happen in an unlikely site on SE Division at, I dunno, somewhere betw. 43rd and 45th.

Anybody have any more news about either of these places (presumably, that would be Nick)?

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  1. Petit Provence (the place on SE Division near 48th) will be a SE outpost of La Provence, the bakery/restaurant in Lake Oswego (on SW Boones Ferry). That's actually been the location of their wholesale bakery operations, but now they are turning it into a retail spot.

    1. As Jill says for Petit Provence. Saint Cupcake has given the difinitive answer on their website:

      In a world of rumors flying about, Saint Cupcake would like to dispel some myths and present you with the god's honest truth about what is going on with the EEP, or Eastside Expansion Project. Because Saint Cupcake is all about fairness, love and frosting for all, soon our 'cakes will be available East of the Willamette. On or around the 32nd of Octobrurary, Saint Cupcake will open its annex doors along Belmont Avenue (on the corner of 33rd, just across from Zupan's) and serve up sweet treats to those who come from Mt. Tabor to Johnson Creek, from 82nd and Powell to the heart of Hawthorne, from St. Johns to Hollywood and still have not been able to find parking in the Pearl or are otherwise afraid of bridges. Don't worry Eastsiders: help is on the way.

      1. La Provence, eh? Oh well. Here I was hoping for competition for St. Honore. However, I will admit that their nut buns (or whatever they call them) are a guilty pleasure.