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Jul 31, 2006 04:43 PM

Memphis Eats Around Beale Street

I'm in town with a group of coworkers and we'd like to go out for a good meal and to listen to some live music on Beale Steet. So far I haven't been able to find any restaurants that look appealing within walking distance of Beale. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - if walking distance isn't doable - then something on that end of town would suit!

(Last time I was in town I passed what looked like a newly open high end restaurant with Cajun influences very close to the National Civil Rights Museum - I've been unable to locate it since - any ideas?)

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  1. Stella........39 S. Main.........Fine Dining................

    1. Cajun influences - might be Cayenne Moon on Front Street. It's a few blocks from the Civil Rights Museum (you'd probably want to take the trolley or drive there), but that's the only Cajun restaurant downtown that I know of.

      There's a ton of good restaurants within walking distance of Beale. Encore, in Peabody Place, has excellent French bistro food; Automatic Slim's has great atmosphere (food has Caribbean influences) - on Second Ave.; Medtrina on Union Ave. is new and has gotten rave reviews - serves Mediterranean cuisine with a selection of entrees and small plates. Bluefin (on Main) is great for clublike atmosphere and excellent sushi (and pizza).

      1. Encore on 2nd Street is fantastic. The chef is Jose Guitterez (sp?), the former chef at Chez Phillipe in the Peabody Hotel. Agree with all the other choices above as well. If you want home cooking go to Alcenia's. Just a trolley ride on North Main Street. Say hello to the owner, B.J. and you'll get a great big hug and kiss!

        1. I agree that there's great stuff within walking distance of Beale, just not on Beale. I totally agree with recs for Stella and Automatic Slims. Bluefin can be very good and I had a good meal at Medtrina. I like Sawadii for Thai.

          Some other ideas - Felicia Suzanne is good for high end dining; Tejas de Brasil (sp?), the Brazilian meat joint, is fun for a crowd, Gus's downtown is great for fried chicken, and Happy Mexican is good for Mexican.

          I may have had bad luck, but I do not like Encore. Big Foot Lodge is terrible.

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            I have had good food and good service at the Majestic, which opened up on Main at Peabody Place in the former Gordon Biersch building.

          2. McEwen's on Monroe is WONDERFUl. I second Stella as well. Gus's is a really great place for some awesome fried chicken, 40s in paper bags, and jukebox tunes. Automatic Slims is OK food, but fun to have drinks there, especially if there's a band. Huey's makes a great burger if you're in the mood.