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Jul 31, 2006 04:42 PM

Sixpoint Craft Ales

I've noticed them popping up around Brooklyn and have only tried the Sweet Action (excellent summer beer and an easy drink - maybe a little too easy) and the Brownstone (good, not big on browns). Does anyone know anything about them and their distribution? I'd love to try more of their beers but short of going to the brewery (which is in Red Hook and I look forward to visiting someday...when I get a day off).

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  1. An up and coming young brewery started by a couple of homebrewers, I believe.

    I have tried a few of their bigger beers, Bengali Tiger, Hopped Out and Righteous and was very impressed by all of them.

    Don't know about their distribution but I have only seem them in NYC.

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    1. re: brentk

      Just answered my own question:

      The only thing is that everywhere I go that has their beer usually only has the Sweet Action and Brownstoner. They need to get more stuff out there!

      1. re: erikka

        Coals usually has the Begali Tiger IPA on tap. They also recently had the new Apollo wheat beer.

        1. re: erikka

          Lots of places in Manhattan have the Righteous Ale right now. Gramercy Tavern, Waterfront Ale House, Jimmy's on E 7th to name a few.

          Go to the brewery and take the tour. It's worth the trip to Red Hook.

          They've only botteld one beer so far, to my knowledge, and it was a special christmas brew, which means distribution is only by keg, not in stores.

          1. re: Scott V

            I feel like there's at least ten places named "Waterfront Ale House" - it's on Atlantic Avenue, right?

            1. re: erikka

              Well, there are two that I know of, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. I'm talking about the one in Manhattan. I don't know if the one in Brooklyn, on Atlantic, has the same beer selection.


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        1. Six Points makes very good beers, but they are only available on draft. BUT if you want to take some home, Thrifty American on Court Street in Brooklyn usually has one of their beers available in growlers.

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            This is good to know--guess where I'll be after work! I'm curious to know more about their brewery--they need to put a bio up.

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              They also carry them at Bierkraft in Park Slope. The guy said they have several of them. and they put them in a 64 oz container, which you pay for (which is like $4.50 plus $10 for the beer) and then you bring the container back when you're finished and can get them refilled.

            2. The brewery is right next to Liberty Heights Tap Room

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