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Jul 31, 2006 04:40 PM

Yummy Yummy - Truth in Advertising!

In the Richmond for a post SF 1/2 Marathon chow - found our way to Yummy Yummy on Irving (we were thinking San Tung, but it didn't open until 11:00). This was my third visit here, and as usual I ordered the Bun Cari Ga - Chicken Curry Noodle Soup. Ordered with egg noodles instead of rice vermicelli which always seem overcooked, it was spot on - my standard for this dish. The broth was rich with coconut milk and fairly heavily laced with curry. Noodles were appropriately chewy, and tangled with lots of shredded chicken and a few chunks of fried potato. Accompanied by a large plate of bean sprouts, chiles, and cilantro it was truly beautiful.

We started with an order of Banh Khot - my first experience with these. I sort of expected them to be crisp on the bottom, which they were not. They were, none the less, delicious in a lettuce leaf with some mint, shredded carrot, etc.

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  1. Yes, delicious. Try their raw beef salad next time.

    Their banh khot on are the creamier side. For banh khot that are crisp on the bottom (though drier on the inside), try Lotus Garden on Valencia near Mission. I like both styles, but they're quite different from each other.

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      Here's the photo of Yummy Yummy's banh khot I took about a year ago.

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        Second on the raw beef salad. Their version is what I measure all other raw beef salads served elsewhere. I think what makes yummy yummy's raw beef salad extra good is the abundance of condiments (peanuts, onions, cilantro, fried garlic, etc)

      2. OMG -- everyone should try their yummy salt & pepper crab dish. It's delicious!