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Jul 31, 2006 04:23 PM

Princeton dinner recs for wide age range of chowhounds

We're visiting Princeton with a 14 mos. old, a 5 yr. old (both well behaved, although the floor beneath the toddler after a meal is quite messy), two 30 somethings, two 60 somethings, and an 88 yr. old.

We're looking for a good dinner spot that will appeal to all, preferably Italian or American. We can't do a fish/seafood restaurant, and Thai is out (allergy to fish in group), but Latin American or Meditteranean cuisines would be okay as well. We'd love a local favorite and something of appeal to the chowhounds in our group. It should not be a chain, and while tolerant of small children, it should not be a family centric restaurant as those places tend to be really noisy, and the older folks just aren't tolerant of lots of noise at dinner. Price wise we'd like something with entrees in the $12-16 range.

Any suggestions for someone with such parameters?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can try Mediterra, a local favorite for Mediterranean food. It's on 29 Hulfish Street near Palmer Square. there is a garage close by too. And after dinner, stop by Halo Pub at 9 Hulfish Street for some delicious ice-cream!

    1. I second the rec for Mediterra for dinner. It is fairly pricey, but the food is really good and in most cases unique.

      Since I'm usually in Princeton on business, I stay at the Nassau Inn and I usually eat at least once at the restaurant there. I would recommend that place as well--it's a very cute atmosphere, and they make a great cobb salad. It's very affordable, and the quality and service are great.

      I also like Triumph. It's a brewery and they have an interesting pub menu. If anything, they have a great beer selection!

      And many people will say that you have to stop by Thomas Sweet for ice cream, but I agree that Halo has great ice cream as well.

      Have fun in Princeton!

      1. Tortuga's Mexican Village is a great place to go with your group. The mexican food is fresh and very tasty. I haven't been there in about two years( I moved to San Francisco) but it was always very consistent when I went there.
        There was also an italian place that the New York Times recently said had become Princeton's local, not too pricey, good, simple, pastas place The name was Camillo's Cafe.The article in The Times was called "Thanks, Nonna".

        1. Ohh, I forgot. They have a website: Camillo'

          1. I happened to pass by there the other day. They have a sign on the door which reads: " In order to enhance you dining pleasure Camillo's will be closed from August 14th thru Sept. 7th for renovations"