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Jul 31, 2006 04:11 PM

Casual in the theater district

I am taking the train into the city Saturday to see a matinee and am looking for a good lunch place (not expensive) in the theater district. Also seeing an evening performance so maybe another place for dinner, (also not pricey)?

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  1. hell's kitchen
    679 9th ave btwn 46th and 47th

    754 9th ave btwn 50th and 51st

    1. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in the Theater District. So, you need to help us narrow things down by giving a few specifics.

      1. What cuisines do you prefer?

      2. What is your budget for lunch? For dinner? And tell us if the figures you give include drinks, tax & tip.

      1. For lunch, I'd say we are looking for something very simple, sandwiches/salad/pasta/veggie options, no drinks maybe even self-serve.

        For dinner, anything Asian or Mediterranean or even American fare. Hell's Kitchen and Vynl seem like good recommendations for dinner. Not looking to spend too much time at dinner, nor too much money (We are seeing 2 dramas on Broadway after all). Drinks not an issue.

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          For Asian, the obvious answer to me is Grand Sichuan at 9th Av. north of 50th St., but only if you like it hot.

        2. For lunch, Uncle Nick's would be my suggestion. You can see the lunch menu on menupages.

          As for dinner, here are a few good possibilities:

          West Bank Cafe - New American -
          Le Madeleine - French bistro -
          Cascina - Italian -

          Enjoy the shows and Bon Appetit!