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Congee Village

hi friends! going to congee village tonight and am so excited! i know my fellow chowhounds are fans, but as i am predicting a vast menu, wondering if there are any suggestions? i like straightforward dishes, not too many ingredients or heavy sauces... thanks :)

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  1. I like the congee with squid & ginger, which sound to me like pretty straighforward ingredients and flavors (if you care for porridge in this weather). And if you like to drink cosmospolitans, theirs are surprising good and inexpensive--don't know if the ingredients counts as too many ingredients! have fun.

    1. love the veg congee - it has gingko nuts...
      also dig the veggie dumplings, the scallion pancakes and the sweet potato buns.

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        Yeah, the scallion pancakes, which are not so common in H.K.-style places, are really great there.

        The only time I had duck's tongue was at C.V. I was unprepared for the bone!


      2. If baby bok choi is available, get it.

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          Seconded. I always get that--it helps me feel better about eating a huge greasy meal.

          Soup dumplings are a can't-fail bet, as are the casseroles.

        2. house special chicken and salt pepper squid are good!

          1. I always just stick to the congee (which seems like an obvious move, but you'd be surprised at how many people ignore it). That said, get the lobster congee and avoid the oyster congee.


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            1. Is congee a cream of rice soup?

              1. Congee is a rice porridge. It can range from smooth and creamy in texture, with all of the rice grains practically boiled down, or it can be more soupy/ricey. There is no cream, at any rate. It's really breakfast food, and is often served with fried dough/crullers. It's known as "jook" (I believe pronounced more like joke or choke)in Chinese.


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                  Hi Folks-

                  We have removed some of the postings that discuss the details of congee as they are off topic for the Manhattan board (the focus of which is where to FIND great congee, and other deliciousness). If you would like to discuss all the permutations of, or definition of congee, etc. please start a new thread on General Topics.


                2. my friends and i love to get the congee -- veggie and fish and lettuce especially -- then order the greens with garlic so we can pour the garlic sauce into the congee. SO GOOD!

                  1. I enjoy the Chinese sausage with rice in the bamboo container. I checked on Menupages and it's called "Rice Baked with Two kinds of Chinese Sausage". Very TASTY!

                    I'm also a fan of their chicken chow fun and stir fried Chinese vegetables.

                    1. Alright, as a longtime regular, I think it behooves me to list some of my favorite dishes at Congee Village. These are from the menupages.com menu for convenience' sake:

                      Sliced Beef with Black Bean Sauce Chow Fun Noodles (saucy and fatty, so not for you)
                      Beef Chow Mein with Chinese Veg. (Yes, chow mein! This is genuine chow mein - a nest of crisy fried noodles with beef and Chinese broccoli over it. There is a sauce, but the dish is rather light though not free from fat. This is really the answer for all the mediocre beef with broccoli dishes you've had elsewhere.)

                      The following are labeled "porridge" on the menu but are really congee. I find the "Healthy Vegetarian Porridge" boring and not very tasty. Here are some flavors I like:

                      Fresh Squid with Ginger Sauce Porridge
                      Chicken W. Black Mushroom Porridge
                      Sliced Fish and Lettuce Porridge
                      Roast Duck and Meat Ball Porridge (warning: a little fatty)
                      Sliced Beef & Fish Porridge

                      Onto the rest of the menu. The Hot and Sour Soup is good and spicy, perhaps a bit sweet but a good rendition. The Mustard Green, Bean Curd and Fish Head Soup is too fatty and not recommended. I don't have soup very often at Congee Village.


                      Chinese Green with Garlic (simple and nicely done, with plenty of garlic)
                      Sauteed Lotus Root with Special Bean Paste Sauce (one of my perennial favorites on the menu - the dish is not complex but is inspired)
                      Assorted Vegetables Buddhist Style (includes ginkgo nuts and bamboo pith!)
                      Eggplants Vegetables W. Bean Curd (saucy/liquidy)
                      House Special Chicken (not very saucy but great)
                      Steamed Chicken with Black Mushroom (and Chinese sausages and lily buds and black mushrooms and ginger and scallions and jujubes - can you tell that I like it? Many ingredients but very harmonious and not very saucy. A little salty.)
                      Sha Cha Beef In Casserole (saucy but likely to appeal to most steak-lovers; the Sha Cha sauce would be good for grilled steak, I'm sure!)
                      Rice Baked with Chicken and Black Mushroom (another dish I order often - simple but delicious, and not saucy)
                      Rice Baked with Two kinds of Chinese Sausage (also not saucy)
                      Shrimp with Fish Sauce (moderately saucy)
                      Sea Clams and Sweet Pea Pods with X. O Sauce (I remember having razor clams with X.O. sauce, but I didn't see that on the menupages.com menu. Moderately saucy, immoderately wonderful and one of the best things I've had at Congee Village.)

                      I saw a bunch of other dishes that looked great to me, and some that I'm sure I've had but don't remember.

                      The two lamb chop dishes aren't on the menupages.com menu. One is made with onions and the other with black bean sauce, and both are great.

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                        great suggestions. my friends and i are going to do our family-style holiday dinner here with this guide in mind. do you have any other recs that are greasy / saucy. we don't mind :)

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                          Well, here are some other dishes I like:

                          905. Sauteed Beef with bitter melon
                          C202. Fried Fish Head In Casserole
                          C212. Lamb and Dried Bean Curd In Casserole (good winter comfort food, a little bland but fresh-tasting)
                          C216. Assorted Seafood with fried bean curd (ditto)
                          S515. Sauteed Crab with ginger & scallion

                          I may have had some of these quite some time ago, but I imagine they're still just as good. I think most any fish dish would be very good. There are a bunch of other dishes that look good to me, but which I don't remember having. There's one spectacular tofu casserole. I think it's this one:

                          717. Fresh mixed Mushrooms and Fried Bean Curd

                          If it's the one I'm thinking of, there are several types of mushrooms, bean curd with wonderful, silken texture and crispy fried skin, and little slices of carrots, scallions, and ginger. If it's not the one I'm thinking of (which used to be on the double-sided Chinese-only menu), it'll still be good.

                          So, are you inviting me. :-) [laugh]

                          Have a great dinner!

                      2. Adding to the list, some of my favorites:
                        Pan Fried Minced Pork with Salted Fish
                        Golden Egg Fried Rice with seafood
                        Snow Peas Leaf with garlic in broth porridge

                        1. how funny! 2 of my friends that are going with me have been having a long email stream about the pork with salted fish dish. how it is an acquired taste, but they love it, etc. so i guess i'll get to try it tomorrow! thanks for the suggestions, csw and pan. :)

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                            lol, It is indeed an aquired taste but in my case I was born into it. "Hom yu" is a toisan thing.