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Jul 31, 2006 03:54 PM

cafe 50's in van nuys - surprisingly good!

Ok - a few years back the Mrs and I would go here during our courtship for casual food. At that time it was on a slow decline to the point where we didn't return.

I signed up for a 50% off coupon on a website for this establishment thinking 'I work close by - lunch will be ok for 1/2 price'

Well - I was in the neighborhood on Sunday morning and thought the Fam could use 1/2 off breakfast so we gave it a try.

I had french toast - good ol' regular egg bread cooked perfectly (3 full slices / so 6 pieces) It's amazing how so many restaurants can't even get regular french toast right. It seems restaurants these days have many she/she varieties of french toast available (cinnamon/freanch bread/etc.) but not egg bread french toast.

The Mrs had an Egg White Omlette made with onions/feta & spinach. This is her regular order at breakfast and you would be amazed the bad versions we get from many restaurants (uncooked onions/missing cheese/cooked w/ regular eggs). This too was made perfecly / grilled onions and good home fries.

The Tot had 1 egg kids breakfast. Good sausage (that's all I tasted).

The kiddo and I had a chocolate shake. One of the best shakes I have had, nice bittersweet chocolate taste.

The service was also perfect.

I also found out my 3 year old likes doo wop music.

All without the coupon was $25.

We will definately be back.

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  1. I've been three or four times, it's a nice place to eat for the most part. I really enjoy their chocolate turtle shake. I've only been there for dinner, so I can't comment on breakfast. Have you been to Mel's on Ventura? They're also pretty good.

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      It's interesting, I live around the corner from this 50's cafe, have yet to go and have always wondered about it. Thanks for the reco. IMO Mels has slid terribly, the last Reuben sandwich I got there was chewy and 70% fat was awful....when we tried to return it the waitress said that's the way our corned beef comes. Everything like meatloaf, roasted chicken etc seems dried out and re-heated to jerky quality. If you go, get a burger or shake...that seems to be the safe bet. For a place that used to have decent home cooked-style meals things have really gone south.

    2. We also like Cafe 50's for breakfast or lunch. Their BLT is pretty good as are the omelettes. Even the burgers are decent. It has become our go-to Sunday breakfast place when I don't feel like cooking and the lines are Jinky's are unmanageable. No thanks to waiting in the Jinky's parking lot in the summer. Plus Cafe 50's is substantially less expensive than Jinky's and they have coupons in the local mailers and the Entertainment book. I also think the food at 50's is better than Nat's Early Bite.

      1. My brother would always order their Monte Christo Sandwich - he loved it. Have not been in many years now, but went all the time in High School.

        1. Thanks for the tip. I work in Encino. You have any other finds for this area?