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Peruvian Food - chupe and pollo a la brasa

I've recently moved here from Washington, DC, where Peruvian food was easily found. I'm looking for two things: chupe de camarones and cheap but delicious pollo a la brasa, with fried yucca and yummy white sauce. Can anyone point me to some great places in New York? Thanks!

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  1. The only Peruvian place I've been to is Mancora in the E Vill (http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...). I thought it was mediocre/good.

    1. AVOID coco roco in Park Slope. They used to be good but the last meal was unpalatable and lukewarm.

      1. For Peruvian, come on up to Port Chester in Westchester County (wow, who'd have thought you could say come to Westchester for good food - times are changing). Its a half hour on the metro north New Haven line.

        About two blocks from the train on North Main St. is Misti's Pollo Ala Brassa! Some of the best Peruvian around. Plus the whole block is dotted with good to great Latin American food and cheap. After Misti's go down the block to Palleteria Fernandez and have some incredible lucious fruit pops and ice cream - made by the two Fernandez brothers from scratch in the back of the shop. For better you have to go to Mexico.

        Here's some tips:



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          Don't forget this one... 137 Irving Ave. in Port Chester.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          Enjoy wherever you decide.

        2. Punto Fijo in Jackson Heights is great for ceviche, jalea, antecuchos, papas a la huacaina, and definitely get carapulcra if they have it. I am pretty sure they have chupe de camarones and pollo a la brasa, definitely yuca fries. The aji is great. http://www.chowhound.com/news/show/10221
          89-12 Northern Blvd 718-205-2282

          Best rotisserie chicken is Pio Pio, 84-15 Northen Blvd, also a take-out location in Rego Park on Woodhaven Blvd. They have great jalea and ceviche on weekends too. The Manhattan branch is not as good for some reason.

          Not much good Peruvian in Manhattan. I agree that Coco Roco used to be great but has gone way downhill, sad, I guess the chef left or something.

          1. Try Sipan and Lima's Taste. Both are very good restaurants.

            1. i highly recommend pio pio. we had a fantastic meal on saturday at the woodhaven branch.

              1. flor de mayo has amazing pollo a la brasa. they are chino-latino but the chinese owner has lived in peru.
                not peruvian but really good is the squid fried rice on the chinese menu.
                there are two locations
                amsterdam & 84
                b'way & 101

                1. There's an excellent Peruvian restaurant in Elizabeth, NJ called El Iman (The Magnet), run by a dedicated family of Japanese-Peruvians. They do a land-office business with local Peruvians.
                  Here's one of my old posts about it:
                  Since then I've been there at least 20 times and have found that there are definitely clunkers on the menu -- for instance, noodle dishes and pork dishes aren't that great. I should mention that their beef fried rice is some of the best I've ever tasted. If you go, make sure you get extra of their green spicy sauce.

                  Here's the menu. The takeout menu doesn't have prices (but prices are very reasonable):

                  I got takeout from there Sunday night. Here are some pics:

                  Bistec Encebollano

                  Yuca a la Huancaina

                  Mariscos Picante

                  Pollo a la Brasa

                  1. Pardo's is on 7th Avenue South in the West Village. Popular chain in Lima, with good (and cheap for NYC) pollo a la brasa. Never been to pio pio. If not, just go to downtown Paterson if you don't care about ambience and there are a ton of cheap peruvian places with all the dishes you can think of.

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                      Take a trip to the Jersey side into Paterson where there are several good places especially La Tia Delia on Market Street at Mill. For Chicken El Chevere in Passaic (Washington Place).