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Jul 31, 2006 03:21 PM

Report: Hungry Cat

Ok, so I've heard raves about Hungry Cat. So I took a friend there for lunch and we both had the Lobster Roll with Longly Fries (which seems to be everyone's favorite). Although my friend loved it, I was disappointed. The brioche roll had a nice flavor and crunch, but, boy, was it greasy! The lobster salad inside was good, but thought that the ingredients weren't balanced enough to let the subtle sweetness of lobster show through. The fries were limpy. Ugh. We also ordered the lavendar lemonade, which was good lemonade, but I asked my friend if he tasted any lavendar, and, he didn't. Neither did I. I guess if I'm paying $22 for a lobster roll, I'd like for it to sing. Hungry Cat's just sorta mumbled.

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  1. I find the lobster roll to be really tasty but really small, especially when considering the price. The pug burger is by far the best value and a very tasty burger despite the fact that it can fall apart on you.

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      I went to dinner at The Hungry Cat a couple of months ago and enjoyed my meal, except maybe for the grits that came with the halibut, but then maybe, I'm just not much of a grits fan in the first place.

      Anyway, someone in my group ordered the pug burger and I actually had a bite of it and it was moist, flavorful and the whole entree gave you good bang for your buck. To see a picture of it, go to:


    2. Agreed on the tiny-ness and greasiness of the lobster roll. I did find their oyster chowder (which they had last quarter, right now it's chilled crab soup that I haven't tried yet) very enjoyable! Have yet to tried Pug Burger?

      On a sidenote, has anyone gotten into the HC w/o reservations or an excruciatingly long wait?

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        Yeah, I got into the Hungry Cat without a problem... at 11 p.m. on a Monday night.

        And as for the lobster roll, people have said so many jive things about it that I've learned just to avoid it completely and not waste my money. Your best bet is with the oysters and shrimp.