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Jul 31, 2006 02:43 PM

economical west village / chelsea favorites? near 14th and 7th

not that my menu collection isn't already a big mess from the sheer volume of restaurants in the hood, i'm always down to try new bang for your buck to moderately priced favorites of chowhounds. eat in or delivery. recent faves of mine:

tebaya's sesame chicken wings and kushikatsu
korean food from manna
harrisa falafel from taim
jerk chicken and appetizer sampler from Negril
ricotta and spinach slice from bravo
salmon spring roll from southeast asian restaurant by jefferson library (name?)
SF burritos from kitchen market
eggs benedict from tartine and chumley's
brunch at agave
double burger at sascha
seared foie gras at lunchonette
tacos and tostadas from the 14th st taco truck
NOT the fried chicken from dirty bird (AVOID AVOID)
empanadas from sucelt coffee shop
fruit smoothies with mango drink base from papaya king
smoothies from emack and bolio's (yum)
bun at o mai
bistro burger at corner (this is not a recent, but an ongoing, unstoppable relationship)

i could go on and on. but i want to hear about fellow chowhound favorites! what's good in the hood???

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  1. Lassi
    28 greenwich ave btwn charles and w. 10th
    -parathas, lassis, rice and beans, soups, sweets. from 12 to 3pm is a lunch special where you can a plain paratha, a lassi and a small soup for $10

    Chez Brigitte
    77 greenwich ave at 7th ave s
    -tiny french place; GREAT and hearty food like poulet roti, fricasse de poulet, filet de sole meuniere, veal stes, pork chops, sausage sandwiches, salads, pasta, omelettes, sandwiches, etc. the most expensive thing is about $10.

    10 w. 10th st btwn bleecker and w. 4th
    -great, hearty sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers and hot dogs

    Fatty Crab
    643 hudson btwn horatio and gansevoort
    -can get expensive, but for lunch if you just order a noodle/soup/rice dish it'll be from $10 to $12. same with if you just order one of their specialties, like chicken claypot, pork ribs, chicken wings, etc. , that's $9 to $12

    89 greenwich ave btwn 7th and 8th ave
    -brunch is great, awesome burger

    elephant and castle
    68 greenwich ave at 7th ave
    -brunch and burgers are great; one of my favorite lattes in the city

    60 greenwich ave btwn 6th and 7th ave
    -great pasta, free sugary delicious donuts at brunch, best scrambled eggs

    1. haven't been to gusto or elephant, i will definitely try!

      speaking of greenwich ave, recently i went back to tea & sympathy after not having been for a few years. their bangers, mash and onion gravy and welsh rarebit with bacon brought me back again a week later.

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        tea & sympathy does a yummy tuna san on multigrain bread and no matter what time of year it is they always manage to include perfectly ripe tomato slices.

      2. said it before, say it again: love westville.

        also love doma, negril, risotteria, da andrea, village natural.

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        1. re: piccola

          haven't had risotteria in a while. are they still good? i remember deliveries taking FOREVER (altho the end product is excellent). what's doma all about? intrigued...

          1. re: jungirl

            last went to risotteria in the spring and it was great. never had delivery so i can't say. wish it was bigger though...

            doma's an also tiny café that does really good (and cheap) food. the sandwiches are awesome.

          1. re: lia

            YES! i heart popeyes. we actually had to go there once after having such bad chicken at dirty bird, just to redeem ourselves

          2. Lederhosen, 39 Grove St., good German beer and stick to your ribs German food.