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Jul 31, 2006 02:42 PM

Caterer in Oakville?

Can anyone please recommend a decent caterer who serves Oakville - we are thinking of a early Sept outdoors (hopefully) mainly casual either sitdown or buffet meal for a group from work. We just want to enjoy the event and not do all the work!! Thanks much!!!

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  1. There is Jennifer's Kitchen (more fancy, my girlfriend used them for a wedding) and The Rude Native (another girlfriend worked there and the catering was decently priced).

    1. Try Collossus on the Lakeshore. Excellent food and they do excellent catering.

      1. We used Plum catering ( for our son's baptism.

        They did a very good job. Food was excellent

        1. I completely agree with the suggestion of Plum Catering. My business has used them several times - they are truly excellent.

          1. Also try Mise En Place at the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre. I've used them and had good results. Small and friendly. Their lobster ravioli is very well priced at catering rates and quite good.