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Jul 31, 2006 02:27 PM

the new max brenner chocolate bar restaurant

anyone been to the new max brenner chocolate bar restaurant? Is it anygood? What is the gift shop like?

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  1. yes...if you do a search for max brenner you'll find a post on it. i went last friday and the place is very overly indulgent and crazy and full of annoying people! lol! some of the chocolate is good. the gift shop is small. they have good dark chocolate cognac truffles and chocolate covered praline nuts that were good.

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    1. re: calypsogirl

      I've been there twice, and I really like it. The peanut butter crepe is FANTASTIC!!
      The peanut butter chocolate chockie is delicious, and the sandwiches are pretty good, too.

    2. Tried to go for brunch on Sunday. Sadly, they don't open for brunch until August 5th according to the signs posted on the front windows.

      The brunch menu looks good.

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      1. re: Scott V

        thanks, that's exactly what i wanted to know - saw the brunch menu online and i'm itching to try it

      2. I've been there on Mon., 7/31. They're not serving (sit down service, that is) during the day until 8/5; only dinner now. The gift shop was relatively small, most of the space was taken by the seating for the dining service and the bar for coffee and pastries. The croissants looked great but I didn't buy one. They had a chocolate that they let you sampled, I think it was called "chockie". It is a milk chocolate praline rolled in fresh roasted almonds. I thought it was pretty good. Chocolatey outside; crunchy, caramel inside with almonds to give it a nice texture.

        If anyone tried any of their desserts/pastries, please report!

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          oh i LOVED that chocolate praline nut!! so good. the cappucino in the kangaroo cup (small size) is awesome. as is the dark chocolate cognac truffle. i had the hazelnut chocolate praline crepe and it was good but so incredibly, overpoweringly sweet!

        2. Not good. It's kind of like chocolate Applebee's. Very theme restaurant- it's a fun, nice idea, and I like the music they pipe in- but if you're at all discriminating in your chocolates the product doesn't live up. At all. Clientele leans heavily to tourists- at least it did on Saturday evening 7pm.

          We had the fondue (you choose two out of milk, white, or dark chocolate), which comes with a kind of meager portion of chunks of banana, strawberries marshmallow, and a tasty banana (?) nut bread, for $13. We finished these and asked for more bread. A few minutes later we were served a different "banana bread". Inedible- tough, underdone, claylike texture with bitter raw flour taste. $2 was added to the bill.

          Also tried the chocolate pizza. Boring milk chocolate with tiny marshmallows on uninteresting pizza dough. No more imaginative than smores, with a from-frozen pizza dough instead of the more appealing graham crackers, and it cost $11.50.

          Unforgivably for a chocolate restaurant, the chocolate quality was very poor. Industrial, supermarket chocolate basically. If you are the kind of hound who digs the tingle induced by high-test stuff like Valrhona, Scharffen Berger, Marcolini, etc, this place is not for you. And the service, preparation, and presentation really made me feel like I was in a Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden with a different decor.

          The savory food looked decent and is reasonably priced. Appealing looking panini and salads. Perhaps one of those followed by a mug of hot chocolate or a mocha espresso wouldn't be bad, but the things we tried were not promising.

          1. Went there on Sunday ~2pm and had an overall negative experience. I can't knock it too much since I didn't actually have any food, but eh. Place was pretty crowded up front near the hostess station which was fine, except when I stepped up to the front, almost 30% of the tables were empty. Apparently they didn't have enough waiters to cover all the tables. Why they would open without enough people to run the place is beyond me - esp. during lunch/brunch time on a weekend. The place looked kind of themey and the hostess went around with little shots of their milkshake to keep people happy which was very nice. The milkshake tasted "good" but when I saw the menu and saw that it's 7.20 for the shake....I decided I won't be coming back and left.