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Jul 31, 2006 02:27 PM

A place for Great Cocktails

My partner and I are coming to L.A. for 4 nights next week. We are looking for a couple of great recommnedations for excellent cocktails. Rooftops, outdoors, sophisticated settings are all a plus. We're not looking to hang with Paris Hilton...rather we are simply after great drinks served in a classy sophisticated atmosphere (w/o major attitude). Hotel bars can be fun...but not The Standard.

Thanks so much.


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  1. the polo lounge inside the beverly hills hotel - they have a lovely courtyard with mature trees, nice outdoor furniture, nice cocktails, impeccable service surprisingly without the attitude. chic yet laidback. perfectly californian.

    1. I am fond of the Hotel Bel Aire. Jackets required and valet parking is free. The drinks aren't innovative, per se, but well prepared. There is piano player and they serve a good burger.

      Hungry Cat is a fairly casual restaurant but the cocktails are brilliant. I like the food as well.

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        Second Hungry Cat! I love the cocktails and vibe at Luna Park as well! :)


      2. I've always had good drinks at the Bowery. Plus, they have some amazing sweet potato fries.

        1. Let me add a personal favorite: The Biltmore downtown.

          Old school hotel bar. Yes, there are a lot of weddings and conventions there, but the place really is beautiful and the cocktails are large. The martini's are 11 bucks but, as my daddy used to say, "...a martini's like a woman's's not enough and three's too many."
          One of the bartender's (Greg) has been there over seventeen years and he knows
          what he's doing. Great spicy peanut mix and they even validate parking ($5).

          1. I'm a big fan of Baja Cantina's (Marina del Rey) fresh fruit margarita's; Their patio is a fun hang on Sunday afternoon. And, I have yet to find a place that is more seriously fun about its mojito variations than The Abbey (West Hollywood.)