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Jul 31, 2006 02:11 PM

I like Roux 3

Had dinner there this past Saturday. Have been there several times before, but this weekend was an even nicer experience. Firstly, if you are going to eat there I highly recommend going on their website and becoming a preferred customer. They send you a card that you can use when you visit to bank 10% of your bill for future use. You can then put that $ toward your next visit or continue to bank points. DH and I ordered apps and entrees...although we didn't have to wait long for our entrees, apps never came and they brought them out with dinner. Waitress was there and realized the error, we were not upset but asked to send the apps back and just take them off the bill. No problem. We were having cocktails, so she also bought us a round on the house. Not necessary but I do aprpeciate the effort to take care of the customer. Had dessert and it was amazing - banana bread and caramel ice cream baked Alaska.
Bill came and took out my preferred customer card and we put $20 worth of points to the bill. Can't wait to go back and earn more points!

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  1. Where is it? What was so interesting about the food that makes you overlook the screwup on service?

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      It's in Newtown Square. The food is good but I would guess the round on this house and taking the appetizers off the bill with no problem helped in ignoring the screwup. It seems they handled the problem nicely.

    2. Roux 3 is out Westchester Pike in Newtown Square, in the comlpex where the movie theater is.

      Food is good but not out of this world, but my comments were more that I was pleased how the waitress handled the situation. DH and I were celebrating and were not so much concerned about the slip up as we were about celebrating our event. We were in good moods and not starving...if the mood had been different and we had been really hungry and missed the appetizers, than possibly things would have gone differently. But not the case that night, and in a day and age when customer service is more miss than hit, we appreciated the waitress acknowledging the error and doing something to accomodate us.