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Jul 31, 2006 02:03 PM

Good Eats Near Hofstra?

I am a new professor at Hofstra, and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions for lunch places around here. Thanks!

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  1. We like Mama T(h?)eresa's, east of Hofstra, north side of Hempstead Tpk in East Meadow. A little further east, on the south side is Pastrami Plus.

    1. If you have an hour or so and want a nice sit down lunch, Runyons across from the hospital is our favorite. Great wings, steak and everything else.

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        Runyons has a Smoked Cheese and Mushroom Appetizer!!! My all time favorite appteizier. So good!!!

      2. My favorite in the area is Cafe Baci, on Old Country Road at the NW corner of Eisenhower Park. The pastas are great, although it might be a bit heavy for lunch. If you go for dinner, arrive early, as there is often a long wait.

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        1. on the southside and west is Popeyes for good fried chicken and sides, and its a short jaunt from Hofstra 'cause traffic can be heavy especially at noon during the summer

          1. There is a good Dominican place on the nw corner of Front Street and Uniondale Ave. I like their Cuban Sandwich and the steam table has great chicken and roast pork just to name a couple of dishes they offer. I always order the avacado salad. Huge.