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Jul 31, 2006 01:17 PM

West Indian Roti

Why is roti so rarely on the menu at West Indian places? I'm in search of good roti--in south Brooklyn, Crown Heights or around Atlantic Avenue area. Open to meat and Ital options. I used to hit Veggie Castle on Church Avenue, but it's a bit out of my way and they usually only offer this on Sundays, in limited supply. Any suggestions, o wise chowhounders?

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  1. I'm surprised that you can't find Roti in Crown Heights. On Atlantic Ave., try Stir it Up (Atlantic, just west of Third) or the new West Indian/Moroccan place on Dean and 4th Ave. Or wait for Labor Day. There will be dozens or Roti stands at the West Indian Day parade on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.

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      It's never on the menu in CH--I've tried about three or four places, and, when feeling brave, asked if it was off menu. Nope, nothing--most people look at me like I just asked them to fart a rainbow or something. I always thought it was such a staple item of west indian cuisine, but I think I might be wrong.

      Stir it Up is great and the waitress who served us last time I was there was a doll. Good jerk chicken. What's the verdict on Brawta further down the street?

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        Brawta is an old stalwart being around for over 20 years. It was one of the first West Indian restaurants in a non predominantly Caribbean neighborhood. But it has been going downhill over the past few years at the same time that other better West Indian restaurants have opened.

    2. Roti is more of a Trinidadian - Guyanian thing - most of these folks live farther out in Brooklyn and Queens than Flatbush, tho this is much too broad a generalization since you can get roti and find trinidadians and guyanians as well as some other WIndians, of South Asian heritage or not, who make roti all over the area.

      Heres a link to a recent Roti post

      If you search for "roti" on outer boroughs, you will see like 390 hits. In any event this discussion really belongs over on outer boroughs since Brooklyn is where you are looking.

      There is one place on Flatbush (e. side) near Beverly Rd.and the Sears Store (its on the same block as the 41 bus stop and a bank) which has been recommended to me by Jamaican friends tho not for its Trini food. We had the goat roti and it was acceptable. Bones as always.

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        Justin's both - he is half guyanese and half trini. I think there rotis are wonderful. he even has duck some days. I love the goat. I can never remember the street - near Metrotech - man's name that starts with an L - Leonard?

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          Livingston? Laurence? Do you know if it's on Fulton Mall or what it looks like (hone-in-the-wall, etc)

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            its Justin's and its on Lawrence Street.
            fyi, I searched the site using "west indian" and fulton mall" and came up with it.

            Here are some more Brooklyn roti links:

            and heres the rotishop link from the last posts that lists many other spots (they seem to be updating the site



            hope to be hearing a lot about your further explorations!

      2. No Roti in Crown Heights? What about Gloria's on Nostrand and Prospect, or Glenda's on a sidestreet closer to Eastern Parkway( St. John's Place, I think)? They're not the best, but they'll certainly do the trick.

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          Jen had a good point about the Jamaican vs. Trini thing--I think most of the places off Nostrand/Rogers @ Crown St. (where my school is) are all Jamaican. I actually did go to Gloria's and they didn't have anything, plus the food I ordered was REALLY bad and the chicken still had little bits of feather/hair on it. I only get a half hour to eat lunch, but maybe one day after school I'll hike over to Glenda's and check them out. Thanks for the suggestions

        2. i think the islands - on washington right off of eastern parkway and next to the key foods - does roti. and their food in general is excellent - but call ahead and order in advance - it sometimes takes them awhile to get it together for you - but that's mainly becuase they are cooking it fresh!

          1. Best Roti by far - Ali's on Fulton and Nostrand Avenue. It's a Trini place and they serve not only the best roti, but many other traditional Trini dishes.