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Vegetarian restaurants preferably in the burbs?

I'd like to get a gift certificate for a friend who babysat my dog several times. She is a vegetarian and we live in Wynnewood. Philly is fine, but the suburbs would be best. I searched Chowhound, but didn't find much. Any suggestions?


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  1. As a vegetarian in the area, there is nothing that I know of. Does the entire restaurant have to be vegetarian?

    1. here is a list of some...

      looks like Shalom is the closest, but not sure how it is. Also, there is a vegeatarian asian place, Su Tao, in Malvern.

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        Su Tao is very good, as is Himalayan (vegetarian Indian buffet with great quality food and amazing selection, also in Malvern.) Thank you.

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          Just to clarify, Himalayan is not exclusively vegetarian but, like many Indian buffets, about 1/2 of the hot dishes are vegetarian.

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            Yes, Himalayan does offer vegetarian dishes as are found in most Indian restaurants offering a buffet, but if vegetarian is what you want, you will have more of a variety of those dishes and with much better quality at the buffet at Gateway to India, one half mile west on rte 30 from the Himalayan, or up 202 at A Taste of India in the Gateway Shopping Center. Specifically, at GTI, you will have in the buffet, a delicious vegetarian soup (no such similar soup is available at the Himalayan), a very fresh salad with accoutrements suitable for a vegetarian (the salad at Himalayan is minimally passable), tarka dal (always served at the lunch buffet), and two vegetarian dishes which change daily. The quality of the vegetarian dishes at GTI are consistently very fresh and of high quality (Himalayan's vegetarian dishes can range from very good to average.) GTI also has "vegetable fritters" (Himalyan's version of these tend to be oily.) You also get a delicious dosa at GTI. (none at the Himalayan.) GTI does not have alot of the "extras" that Himalayan has, like free tea, a large variety of desserts. ATOI does occassionally have a chicken soup at the lunch buffet, but if you tell the manager you are a vegetarian, he will bring you a cup of some vegetarian based soup. Their vegetarian soups have varied from mulligatawney to tomato to mushroom. They once offered coconut soup, but I have never seen it since that one time. ATOI frequently offers at least three or four substantial vegetarian dishes in its buffet. You'll have good salads to choose from, a nice selection of desserts and fresh fruit. Royal India near Himalayan is another option - I've been there a few times, and all but once did I notice a large selection of vegetarian dishes. One time I went there, a patron said he was vegan and asked if there were suitable dishes for him. I let him know that some of the dishes were cream based. For a strick vegetarian or vegan, I'd direct them to the Su Tao restaurant as suggested by pamd - it's not just vegetarian, it's pure vegan, Asian influenced cooking.

            There used to be a raw foods restaurant in the same shopping center as where Himalayan is. It vanished in 2005, I believe. You'd think that some place, even a fast food place serving tofu burgers, sushi, vegetarian soup, veggie burgers, felafel, etc. could exist somewhere in the western suburbs. (A substitute for such a restaurant is "take out" at supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, which have prepackaged, already made vegetarian sandwiches, such as a middle eastern platter, or sushi, etc. Even some supermarkets now feature attractive looking sushi.) There used to be a place called Delites or something like that that served veggie burgers near Norristown, near the Country Buffet - no longer in business.
            Loads of new steak houses in the King of Prussia area. Not one vegetarian place to be found. At least the "ethnic" restaurants serve the vegetarian community with its vegetarian selection of food along with the poultry, meat and fish selections.

      2. How about Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille, 772 Second Street Pike in Southampton, Pa (215) 942-8888. I haven't been there in a few years, but thought the menu innovative and the food very good. Used to have Horizons Cafe in Willow Grove but it has since moved to Philly (a great choice if you decide to go with an in-town place).

        1. I'll second the recommendation for Su Tao in Malvern. They are completely vegan, and have an excellent buffet. I've also heard great things about Blue Sage as well.

          My favorite completely veg spot on Philly is Horizons, just south of South Street. Fine dining. If you're looking for a little more casual, Cherry Street in Chinatown is the best of the vegan spots there, imo.

          1. Blue Sage is wonderful, but it is an enormous drive. It would take a 1/4 of the time to drive to Philadelphia and go to Horizons.

            1. Many Thai and Indian places have a huge vegetarian selection, in case you end up going with a place not specifically vegetarian...

              Best Thai: Thai Pepper (with locations in Ardmore and Wayne)
              Best Indian: A Taste of India (with locations in Wayne/Chesterbrook and now Exton, I think)

              Steer clear of Devi, a vegetarian Indian place out near Downingtown. Yuck, yuck. Places like that give vegetarian restaurants a bad name!

              1. as a vegan on the main line, i have to say that the choices are pretty bleak.

                in ardmore there is the organic kitchen in the back of all natural market. this is not a nice sit-down meal, but the food is good and you can sit at one of the tables after ordering from the counter. their macro-plates are usually delicious.

                another option is aldar bistro on montgomery ave - they have some good veg choices like felafel.

                i do not recommend su tao - the food is greasy and not worth the trip.

                blue sage is good, but far far away.

                if you really want to treat this person, i'd do a dinner at horizons. new harmony would be a good second choice if you don't want to spend that much.

                1. Obviously, I'm a latecomer to this thread, but I recently started working in the area and was delighted to discover "Indian Row." I'm curious though, about the comment about Devi. As a vegetarian, I find it a blessing to have access to a 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant. I've hit the lunch buffet twice and found it to be fine. The channa masala wasn't the best I've ever had, and the dosa was a little greasy, but otherwise, I had few complaints. I don't claim to be a connoisseur of Indian food - just a huge fan. What am I missing about Devi? I've been to Gateway once, and maybe it was just a bad day, from a vegetarian standpoint. I'd be willing to try again. I haven't been to Himalayan recently, but I've always enjoyed it in the past. If anyone would care to elaborate further on Devi, I'd appreciate it.

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                    I liked Devi the one time I went. If you like it too, no problem! If it is delicious to you, excellent. Personal experience trumps others' experience.

                  2. Thanks! Oddly enough, I went to Devi for lunch after posting that and had a less-than-pleasant experience. Somewhere between a watery Vegetable Kurma and a strangely bitter-tasting rice-cashew dish (nothing was labeled), it wasn't one of my happier lunches. Power of suggestion or genuinely bad? Who knows. I have a lunch date at the Himalayan next week, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've noticed that many on this board rave about A Taste of India and I'm not sure where it is, so I'll make a point of finding it soon.

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                      I went to Taste of India for the first time a few weeks ago. not bad, but a much smaller selection (maybe half the variety) of Himalayan. The dishes were good, and seemed to be quite a mix of style between north and south India flavors. They brought over mini-dosas to the table; those were OK. I didn't like the Kheer there; in fact, Himalayan has spoiled me for dessert selections with 5+ desserts available for overeating.