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Jul 31, 2006 12:58 PM

Rose's Lime Marmalade

I have a jar of Rose's lime marmalade and wonder what to do with it. (Love lime, but can't quite imagine it on toast or biscuits.) It's lovely to look at, and that's all I've been doing with it, so far. Any ideas out there, sweet or savory? Thanks, as always.

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  1. It's eaten on toast for breakfast, classic English food. Have you tasted it? I grew up with Rose's lime and orange marmalades, great stuff. Try it on a nice piece of toasted bread and you might love it too.

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      Yes, I picked it up at a Waitrose in London; it just looked so good. Then I got it home and didn't know what to do with it. I haven't opened it, but will have some with a slice of toast tomorrow. The rest I think I'll save for some of the other great tips in this thread. Thanks Cheryl, and EVERYONE!

    2. Recently I saw someone on a food show combine orange marmalade with soy sauce and a few other ingredients to make a sauce for cooking chicken in a slow cooker and I vowed to try and find that recipe -- heh, didn't do it -- but I would imagine that lime marmalade could be substituted easily...lime and soy sauce go very well together, I know that from a super marinade recipe I have. Just thought I'd throw out that suggestion though I don't have a specific recipe but you could probably find one out there.

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        I've done this recipe in the slow cooker using pork instead of chicken. It was surprisingly good. A tad bit salty which could be easily adjusted by decreasing the amount of soy sauce. Lime marmelade would, indeed, make a great substitution for the orange with either chicken or pork.

      2. Pat - I think it would be great as part of a finishing glaze for grilled chicken. Mmmm....

        To use it, grill the chicken. While grilling, put about 1/4 cup of the stuff in a saucepan and on low heat, warm it up, which will also loosen the stuff up. If you need to thin it a bit, you can do it with a little water (I guess if you have tequilla around, you could use that too. Since I don't drink, I don't have it on hand).

        About a minute before the chicken is done, baste it with the lime marmalade. Once it bubbles on the chicken turn and do the same for the other side. Take it off and voila, lime glazed chicken. Bet it would be great.

        Probably also good on a white-fleshed fish like Halibut swordfish.

        1. It has a bitter edge, so remember that if using it on delicately flavored grilled meats.

          (I love lime juice flavor, but bitter is not for me.)

          1. I might use it either to flavor a cheese cake or to make a sauce to go with said cheese cake. In fact, I think I'll run out & get some to do that very thing!