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Jul 31, 2006 12:51 PM

Casual dinner near College and Yonge?

I'm taking my Mom to a movie at the Carleton and I really don't want to eat at Harvey's, which is the only join I can think of around there. Any recommendations?

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  1. I like Korean Grill which is an all you can eat place where you grill your own meats. Very delicious. It's on Yonge Street, just north of the Starbucks.

    1. If mom likes sushi, Daio Japanese is right across the street at 45 Carlton. Casual & pretty room, good sushi & tempura, efficient service. My hubby works @ Yonge & Carlton & so far that's the only place we like.

      A short walk away is the world of Church St restaurants. Would mom be willing to walk that far?

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      1. re: Googs

        Daio is great. Best spicy tuna roll I've ever had.


      2. That harveys is actually closed anyways :). i agree about korean, or a little up the street, i believe at younge and maitland is kokyo sushi, a big favourite of mine.

        close by theres also a pub, just west of younge on college. i cant remember the name, but the menu looks decent, although i havent been myself.

        1. I think the pub is called Pogue Mahones. It's in College Park. It's quite nice inside (dark wood, brass rails, stained glass, etc) and the food is decent, although very typical pub food; nothing exciting or fancy.

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          1. re: christinea

            I would avoid Pogue Mahones as a place to eat. I have found the few times that we went there for food it was over priced and pretty crappy. My last meal there was a burger and fries cause I thought that was a safe bet. I was wrong.
            Although I would recommend this as a great place to have a few drinks. =)

          2. Yer in food central, bub. A short walk in almost any direction will find you a plethora of choices.

            What does mom like to eat?