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Casual dinner near College and Yonge?

I'm taking my Mom to a movie at the Carleton and I really don't want to eat at Harvey's, which is the only join I can think of around there. Any recommendations?

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  1. I like Korean Grill which is an all you can eat place where you grill your own meats. Very delicious. It's on Yonge Street, just north of the Starbucks.

    1. If mom likes sushi, Daio Japanese is right across the street at 45 Carlton. Casual & pretty room, good sushi & tempura, efficient service. My hubby works @ Yonge & Carlton & so far that's the only place we like.

      A short walk away is the world of Church St restaurants. Would mom be willing to walk that far?

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        Daio is great. Best spicy tuna roll I've ever had.


      2. That harveys is actually closed anyways :). i agree about korean, or a little up the street, i believe at younge and maitland is kokyo sushi, a big favourite of mine.

        close by theres also a pub, just west of younge on college. i cant remember the name, but the menu looks decent, although i havent been myself.

        1. I think the pub is called Pogue Mahones. It's in College Park. It's quite nice inside (dark wood, brass rails, stained glass, etc) and the food is decent, although very typical pub food; nothing exciting or fancy.

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            I would avoid Pogue Mahones as a place to eat. I have found the few times that we went there for food it was over priced and pretty crappy. My last meal there was a burger and fries cause I thought that was a safe bet. I was wrong.
            Although I would recommend this as a great place to have a few drinks. =)

          2. Yer in food central, bub. A short walk in almost any direction will find you a plethora of choices.

            What does mom like to eat?

            1. if you enjoy good sushi... omi off of church at carlton.

              john does fantastic things with fish over there and is tremendously enthusiastic about what he puts out.

              1. Daio and Omi in the same thread.. Now I have throw in my 2 cents.

                I work fairly close to Yonge/Carlton too, and tried out Daio. Their "lunch special" was very expensive and I think some of the fish was bad - I can't say for certain but it looked sketchy and I didn't dare try and find out. Daily Sushi across the street is cheap, friendly and the food is actually pretty good. Omi is in another class altogether and you'll pay accordingly - it is however very casual in feel/ambience, so if you don't mind spending, it's well worth it.

                Other options that come to mind are Daybreak at Carlton/Church (very good breakfast fare) and the Grab n' Wrap (a couple of stores south of Carlton on Yonge) for excellent shawarma (they have a couple of tables, but it's fast food). I also second Korean Grill House as a fun option.

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                  It occured to me the age of mom is unknown so the fact that Daio has no stairs might be an added bonus. As for the food, I've never had anything close to off fish there. They have always done a reasonable job at a reasonable price. Maybe I wouldn't send it's name in to the local papers for a review, but then haute isn't always the ticket. Hubby & I work odd hours so it's fairly late closing make it possible to have a decent sushi dinner after a long day. Although it's a long way from Omi, so's every other sushi place IMHO. Let's face it. John Lee rules.

                2. Thanks guys. Mom isn't too adventurous, but she isn't a total bore either. The Korean Grill House sounds like a good option.

                  Had no idea they'd closed that Harvey's. Won't miss it -- ha!

                  I hadn't thought of Church St. -- what are some of the casual options there for a lady used to Canadian food, but who digs Indian and Japanese if it's not too out there.

                  1. If she digs Japanese then definitely Omi. It's the one place I can think of that the 'hounds agree on. Byzantium is also nice. I hear good things about Hair of the Dog, but haven't been for anything other than drinks.

                    1. If you don't mind walking a couple of blocks, I'd head North to Wish at 6 Charles St. E. North of Wellesley.


                      1. A favourite of mine in that location is Pasta Perfection. It's on Yonge, north of College, on the west side. Don't go as often as I used to eight years ago but still decent these days.

                        1. i imagine this is a bit late now, but so you know for next time...

                          there is actually loads of stuff around there. as mentioned, hair of the dog is nearby, and really very good food.

                          the rest i'll talk about will be on yonge, and all north of carlton, but south of wellesly.

                          not too far away (north on yonge from carlton)is red and white for tasty shwarma for cheap.

                          also, if you're looking for 'safe' food there is hernero's, although be warned, the service is surly.

                          there is an indian restaurant there, katmandu, which isn't wildly spectacular, but it's decent.

                          i have also enjoyed the bowl, which has a variety of asian foods to choose from.

                          oh, and there is a thai place that i quite like that is called... um... just a sec... i'll think of it... i think it's pi tom's. it's actually on alexander, one restaurant in.

                          on college just west of yonge there are two fairly bland but decent options, fran's (decent in that whole fake 50's diner kind of way, and sometimes, it's just what the doctor ordered) and greek island restaurant.

                          1. Second Wish, very nice for a lunch out but somewhat far from College+Yonge.

                            Hair of the Dog is close, and the good is good.