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Jul 31, 2006 10:46 AM

Can someone please recommend good seafood place in Paris?

I was originally thinking of Goumard Prunier, but after reading the revies posted a few days ago I'm hesitant to enter at my own risk. Can people please recommend some good seafood places (moderate to expensive pricing). I'm going to Paris for the weekened to celebrate a friend's birthday.

I was recommended Le Divellec but I do not think it's open in August.

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  1. I am very fond of the fish at Le Bistrot du Dome on rue Bastille it does serve fish from the sea, but I am not sure of crustaceans. Some brasseries serve very nice fruits des mare platters.

    1. You could try La Mediteranee near the Odeon theater. I was there a few years ago and enjoyed the meal. Whether or not they are open in August is an unknown to me. There's also the new fish place, Gaya in the 7th. I'll let you do your own research as to past reviews.

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        La Mediterranee is open in August. Just down toward the Seine from Odeon is Fish la Boisonnerie. I think many of us are curious about Gaya. If anyone's been there, would love to get some feedback. Am thinking about going their in Oct/Nov.

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          Great! Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will try to see if the places suggested are open and report back after the weekend!

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            We ate at Gaya and found it good but I wasn't bowled over or anything--not like I was at Atlier Joel Robuchon (though that's not seafood)
            Decor is pretty and vibe is fairly casual at least on the ground floor where we were seated.
            Our bill for 4 came to 451 euros with wine accounting for about 100 of that. Actually wine is one of their best features. They serve carafes at very reasonable prices so you can order several different wines to go with various items. I started with a miss--gelee of seafood broth with white beans and iberico ham. Good separate tastes but no melding. Then shellfish fideau with liver and chicken chunks intermixed with shellfish. Tasty but some of the shellfish was overcooked. Best was the daube of octopus with lots of fennel, tomato, basil and fabulous potatoes. The single dessert of three pots de creme--mocha, chocolate and vanilla--was perfect to share. My notes say that it was 1/2 to 2/3 as good as Robuchon--where the tab was 562 euros, the food extraordinary, the service fun and helpful and the decor soothing but very cool.

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              Thanks for the great post on Gaya.

        2. Although not known as a particular seafood resto, I had some outstanding fish (starter and main) yesterday for lunch at Guy Savoy's Les Bouquinistes.
          Given the price (3 courses) at 28€ inkl. one glass of wine and coffee, it's a true bargain.
          A la carte is considerably higher.
          PS: Closed for most of August though.

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            Is Les Bouquinistes offering the 3 course prix fixed menu just for lunch? I really like the food and location but I stopped eating there because they keep raising their prices.

          2. The 3 course menu at 28€ is only served at lunch (two choices per course).

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            1. There is the high end chain, Vin et Maree; five locations in all. They are always open, no stated August closures.