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Jul 31, 2006 09:19 AM

What's the best place to get a salad in the South Bay?

I live in Santa Clara and I'm looking for a great place to get a decently-priced, large-portioned, unbelievably delicious salad. I currently go to Pluto's in Palo Alto, but I'm starting to get tired of it. Any other suggestions in the Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale area? You can use Pluto's as an example, since I love their salads. I'm just looking to expand my horizons.

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  1. I like the Country Gourmet at the SE intersection of Rengstorff and El Camino in Mountain View. There is another Country Gourmet on Mary in Sunnyvale -- the menus seem similar but I read that they are "no longer affiliated". CG lists 5 or 6 large salads on the standard menu plus 2 or 3 specials every day. Sandwiches are also quite good. Very clean, very friendly, fast service,comfortable seating options in the main room or patio. Link:

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      Thanks so much for mentioning the Country Gourmet. When I lived in that area long, long ago it was one of my favorite stops for sandwiches. However, I haven't been back since I moved out of the area in 94. Good to hear they are still doing well.

      Never had breakfast there and not sure if they served it when they first opened. The menu looks good. Have you tried breakfast there? Any recommendations?

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        Sorry, haven't been there for breakfast, just lunch and dinner. I haven't gone much beyond the salads and the occasional turkey sandwich, but I notice that they do serve Niman Ranch beef & sausages. They have no beer/wine license but free corkage is cheerfully provided.

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          cg has decent breakfasts..nothing to write home about, though - you're better off hitting joanie's cafe or cafe brioche on california avenue in palo alto for breakfast/brunch. cg's quiches are pretty good