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Jul 31, 2006 08:08 AM

Guy Savoy Lunch Menu?

I am going to be in Paris alone for a week. Traveling alone, I often prefer to lunch (versus dinner) at the top places since they can be a little more relaxed, and often offer a (relatively) good deal. I have had some great lunches at two and three star restaurants offering lunch menus for about 100 Euro (plus or minus). I would really like to try Guy Savoy; does anybody know if he offers any such lunch deal? I saw nothing about it on his website.

If Guy Savoy does not offer any special lunch menu, any suggestions for alternatives? Places I have not been include: Le Cinq, Jaques Cagna, and Alain Ducasse. I am open to anything, but my taste tends to run to the more contemporary (L'astrance and Gagnaire).

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  1. Guy Savoy does not offer a prix fixed lunch and if you are in Paris during August, you're choices might be limited. If your taste runs toward L'Astrance and Gagnaire, I would recommend Le Meurice. My one recent dinner was excellent. Arpege has a prix fixed lunch for about 120E (check with them if you decide on it) but I've only had dinners there which were terrific. Foodwise, Arpege is probably my favorite in Paris. His food is as contemporary as Gagnaire's but with much more focus and restraint. And Barbot of L'Astrance used to cook at Arpege. I've had a couple of very good prix fixed lunches at Le Grand Vefour and Carre des Feuillants (and one not so good at GV), but their food is more traditional than L'Astrance or Gagnaire. I think the food at Alain Ducassee also more traditional is excellent but they do not offer a prix fixed lunch. I've had dinner at Le Cinq and Le Bristol and neither were overly impressive. I you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer them.

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      PBSP, thanks for the response. Actually I will be there in late September. I thought Arpege has been strictly vegetarian (with occasional exceptions for fish?) for five years or so; is this correct? The vegetarian thing has always prevented me from going. Thanks for the other suggestions; I will consider them as well.

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        Passard of Arpege changes year to year depends on his mood. He currently has seafood and an occasional meat and poultry on his menu. I think he is too famous for his lobster, langoustine and monkfish to completely ignore seafood. I have never had his prix fixed lunch but last October's tasting menu had about 50% vegetable/50% seafood.
        From my experience, the prix fixed lunch at these restaurants offer great value but the food has never approached the level of their regular menu. I've alway come away with the feeling that I've eaten at a good restaurant with great service. I am tempted to give Gagnaire a try at lunch this October, though after my last couple of dinners, I vow never to return until he restraint himself. How was your lunch experience there?

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          I've had lunch at Gagnaire three times. The first time I ordered a la carte, and the other times I had the set lunch menu (90 Euros, I believe). I think the food is brilliant; but I always go there expecting not to like one or two things, most likely elements of a dish, not an entire dish - and he never disappoints. I expect 85% of the food will be incredible, 10% will not work, and 5% will just be odd. The service, the value, the originality and the personal presence of Gagnaire add up to a great experience. I find the deserts, though beautiful, particularly odd and more hit and miss than the other food. As far as I know he has not "restrained himself".

    2. Taillevant and Le Bristol have 70 euro lunches and Le Carre des Feuillants also has a lunch at I believe, 70 euros. L'Arpege in no longer stricly vegetarian but vegetables are prominent in the menu. Go to their web site and check out the menus. You can do it for almost all the restaurants. Another good site to get a feel for the menu is where you can also make reservations. I have not used the service, but have read that it is reliable. Actually, the site is discussed on the board as on line reservation site. Just below this posting. Just noticed it and added this.

      1. I know that there are lunch bargains out there.

        On a side note I believe Guy Savoy is closed for part of August.

        1. I interned at Jacques Cagna for one week in December. Since you prefer contemporary, I would not suggest this restaurant, as it is very typically heavy French. Things are well-executed, but I didn't find it particularly inventive and found it rather heavy.

          If you want to read more about my experience, as well as pictures of some of the desserts, read it at

          The tasting menu at Guy Savoy is the same at lunch or dinner. Mine was 230 Euros, but there are other options. It was one of my best meals in Paris though.

          Pictures and a longer description are at

          1. Actually he is now offering an internet only 100E lunch menu. Just saw it on his site a few minutes ago.