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Jul 31, 2006 07:15 AM

Best 1st date restaurant?

Can anyone suggest a nice restaurant to take a girl (we're both 30 years old) on a first date? Details would be much appreciated (address, why you suggest it, etc). Of course, nothing makes people more euphoric than delicious food! I guess ambiance makes a difference here too, although I'm not sure if this is the place for that discussion.

Looking for a place relatively close to the downtown LA area.

Thanks so much everyone.

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  1. My girlfriend and I had our first date at Gale's Italian Restaurant in Pasadena and we both loved it. Besides the great food, we both felt the service was not notch. It's a small cozy place too, but it can get loud. It's off and away from the crowded Old Town area - easy parking - decent wine list.

    All info can be found here:

    1. What price range are you looking for and what types of places do you like? I think the key to the sucess of the date is putting her in an environment that she'll enjoy and be comfortable in.

      A note on Gale's -- I really enjoy Gale's and visit often - it's got excellent food and is a good date spot, but can be on the loud/cramped side and if you get seated in the back room, I think it's quite ugly/non-descript - but quieter. Small bistro-ish feel.

      I just had a nice dinner at Cliff's Edge. It's in Silverlake on Sunset. Sit outside on the patio -- it's very romantic and the food is good - not knock your socks off amazing - but very passable. It's the romance of the courtyard that will be impressive. (Request the 2nd level patio.) Kind of a low-key hipster crowd.

      Another Pasadena favorite -(only open Monday-Friday) is Bistro 561 - the cooking school restaurant. Cozy room (warm tones), excellent food - although, sometimes I get nervous for the servers (they try really hard!). It's more of a 'refined dining' atmosphere, but not terribly so.

      1. Speaking of "bistro" restaurants in Pasadena, Bistro 45 on 45 S. Mentor Ave. in Pasadena is tres romantic and - though I haven't been there in two years - quite delectable the last few times I dined there.

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          Bistro 45 has unfortunately gone down in the last couple years... it's too bad, it was a great little gem.

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            I agree. When I went there, the food was only ok and the service was terrible.

        2. I just went to Cliff's Edge on Sunset and would recommend it for a first date. Be sure to request a table located outside. There is an old tree with a tree top so large, it serves as a canopy over the entire patio area...very cute for a first date. Food is good but not great but it makes up for it in ambience.

          1. I think Figaro is good for a first date... It's darkly lit and they have a nice wine list.