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Jul 31, 2006 06:11 AM

super nice but not loud restaurant on the west side


my father is visiting from out of town and is very sensitive to noisy restaurants. can you guys recommend a very nice (expensive is ok, but not outrageous) restaurant in beverly hills, santa monica, brentwood, or westwood that has a great atmosphere but isn't too loud. northern italian, french, california, mediteranean were the restaurant types i was thinking. we will be a party of about 6-8 people.


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  1. La Cachette on Santa Monica Blvd. just west of Century City. French-inspired food in a home-like setting, and carpeted (if I remember correctly). My dad has tinnitus so loud noises are painful for him, and we had a very successful dinner there.

    1. melisse on wilshire in santa monica, French, very classy, great food although the prices are steep

      1. LaCachette (Santa Monica)- french, very good service, fine food, and never loud.

        Melisse (SM) - same.

        Valentino (SM) - Italian, fine dining, quiet.

        Jaan (Beverly Hills) - French-Asian in the Raffles L'Ermitage hotel. On any given night, there's barely anyone there, but the food is exquisite.

        Il Cielo (Beverly Hills) - Italian, fine dining inside or outdoor garden - but make sure they're not having an outdoor party.