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Jul 30, 2006 02:45 AM

Glacier Vodka [Split from General Topics board]

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In Canada, we have Glacier Vodka which is made from a glacier that was towed down from the Arctic (No kidding).

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  1. Sounds real good to me! Is it sold in the states and what is the name of it?-thanks

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    1. re: Eileen

      It's called Iceberg Vodka...very good. I usually buy it in Canada but I saw it in a liquor store in Chicgo recently.

      1. re: janedoe67

        Thanks for remembering the name for me, I was having memory lapse and couldn't think of it.

        It's great stuff and inexpensive too.

        1. re: janedoe67

          Do you remember what liquor store had it? I live west of Chicago and would love to get some. I bought Iceburg Vodka a few years back on a trip to Calgary and never could find it in the states.

      2. Looks like Sam's carries - at least theoir website ( has it listed so I would assume their stores carry it as well -

        1. Here's a vodka that using a unique water. Not sure if it's considered glaciel, but its water from a sub terranium ice age lake.