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Jul 31, 2006 05:38 AM

I am almost afraid to ask

My trainer is going to Paris, France in October for her daughter's wedding. She is Vegan. Any suggestions? (i'd tell her to change her diet while there but....

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    1. I have a friend in a similar situation who lives in Paris - no meat, no fish. Although - I always get confused, and don't remember if veganism allows you to have cheese, eggs, or butter, and I'm not sure how strict he is on those points. I don't know how he does it - every time I'm there, I swear that all my meals contain some meat which is usually not the norm. He ends up cooking for himself a lot.

      Restaurant-wise, a couple of restaurants in the Marais-ish area he frequents are L'Enoteca and Chez Omar. It's been ages since I've been to the former and don't really remember the food there; the latter is Moroccan and quite good.

      Below's a website that talks about vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Paris:

      1. L'Enotecca is a fairly good restaurant, with good pasta and salads , as well as meat and fish. He could order pasta prima vera and salad, etc. As a vegan, I assume he does not eat dairy or fish. My only caveat is the service is often incredibly rude and the Senora only greets the regulars with enthusiasm and ignores any newcomers. I would probably not go back, except in November/December, which is white truffle time and the pasta with truffles is to die for. I actually restrained myself from licking the plate..

        1. My trainer is a she..and she doesn't eat any food products which come from an animal...or fish. Not even honey. She is 62 and looks there is something to it!

          Thanks for the info from everyone.

          1. If you Google 'vegetarian restaurants Paris,' there are a few interesting and fairly complete pages with lots of suggestions.