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Jul 31, 2006 05:29 AM

Alamar Restaurant and Marina-Sac

Has anyone eaten there? My in-laws want to take my husband and I there for his birthday.

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  1. It's not great. It's not terrible, but nothing outstanding (except their Mai Tais). We drop in there from the river fairly often during the summer to use their facilities, get out of the water for awhile, and to and get a snack/drinks. Their appetizers are mostly limited to deep-fried items (calamari, zuchini, mushrooms, etc). Their dinners are very average, maybe a notch above a Denny's or a Lyon's.

    Despite the un-exciting food, the vibe there is pretty cool, they have a nice bar, the atmosphere is laid back, and people-watching on the river is great. I just don't think anyone goes there for the food.

    The Virgin Sturgeon has much better food (and fresher fish) for about the same price. The atmosphere at the Sturgeon is more funky, where Alamar seems to want to attract a more upscale clientele.

    1. Hey Melly, I had lunch at Virgin Sturgeon just yesterday. I had the steak sandwitch w/ salad. Kinda of a greek salad on lettuce. All very good.

      I've never to Alamar's but I'd expect pretty average food at best.

      I used to go to Veronia Joe's at Veronia. Much further up the river. They have been open and closed many times since I've been there but it used to be pretty good. I'd call first. Check a map for Veronia, you can't miss it.

      Good luck, The Virgin Sturgeon is a safe bet but get reservations or be ready to eat outside. Very pleasent actually.


      1. Thanks! The folks want to eat on the I'll tell them Dave has been wanting to eat there. tee hee.

        1. The last time we went to Verona Joe's, it was mostly fried food, cold beer, country dancing and kareoke. If that's what you want...nice folks, though.

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            My in-laws are krazy for kareoke but only if the songs are all from the 1930's and 40's...and no country music.

          2. No Country? What are they nuts? Actually kareoke is not my favorite kind of intertainment.

            10 or 12 years ago I used to get good meals with good wine out there. They even had a guy they called the Chef, not just the cook.