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Jul 31, 2006 04:59 AM

dessert for around 50 people?!? help!

I want to make a killer dessert for around 50 people. I was thinking tartlets? i want to avoid chocolates or anything too heavy since it's summer. any ideas is appreciated. thanks!

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  1. I don't know if you consider it too heavy, but if you can find some kind of small ramekin-shaped paper or plastic container mini tiramisus might be a hit. I just made some in 3 oz. ramekins for a small party and people were clamoring for more.

    It will be less labor intensive than tartlets, and beautiful as long as you dust the top with cocoa (and stencil in a design in powdered sugar if you have the time). I would just assemble one big tiramisu and then scoop them into the ramekins and smooth out the top with extra mascarpone filling. Faster than assembling 50 tiny ones, and no one will know.

    1. I like Pei's tiramisu idea. I'd also consider something you can easily make a lot of, like cupcakes. Or what about baklava? You can make lots of it in a big pan, then it's easy to transport.

      Or maybe berry shortcakes. Make the cakes like big biscuits, then do a big bowl of macerated berries and a big bowl of cream. Good luck!

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        Oh. I had one other thought: what about a cobbler? Delicious and easy to make in quantity. Also a great way to use the abundant fruit that's around. Use lots of crumb topping and serve with fresh cream.

      2. How about a large English-style summer pudding with lots of the berries that are in season now? You could easily make a huge one in a large roasting pan, with a big bowl of whipped cream alongside.

        1. How about summer pudding?

          It is basically left over can get a richer challah or other egg bread. You line a bowl, or for 50 you mihg like to do a sheet pan, then it is filled with summer fruits like berries and plums. It is topped with a layer of the bread and then wieghted down at least over night so the juice of the fruits soak the bread. When you turn the pudding out it is soaked red (if you use red berries which I would suggest).

          Serve it with whip cream, creme fraiche, or even better Devonshire cream.


          1. Tartles for 50 would be a lot of work! If you are wedded to the idea, I would do a few big tarts. I've made a large pavlova is great for a crowd. Served with freshly-whipped cream and lovely fresh berries and fruit, it always gets raves in the summer. It has the advantage that you bake the meringue on a cookie sheet, so easy to make more than one or adjust size even you don't have the largest selection of pans (actually, you could also do this with big square-shaped puff pastry tarts).