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Jul 31, 2006 04:55 AM

Park Savoy in Florham Park - Wedding & Food?

My fiance and I have been checking out reception venues for a wedding in NJ. Recently saw the Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ - loved the house and the grounds but were wondering if anyone knew anything about the food? Unfortunately, they don't do tastings before contracting and I don't know anyone who has gotten married here. I'm a little leery of signing w/o knowing more about the food because we were that close to making a deposit with another place a few weeks ago - but changed our minds after a very disappointing tasting. Figured if they can't get their acts together for 2 people, then it's all downhill for 200! So comments from hounds would be appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. I considered it for my daughter's wedding, but did not book, partially because we could not taste the food. The grounds are indeed beautiful, but we were worried about bad weather. Good thing - it rained like hell on her wedding day. We also thought that the seating in the dining room was tight. When we sat at the tables that were set, the chairs were right up against each other. I think that you are correct in tasting first. It worked for us.

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      If I might ask, where did you end up booking and about how large was the wedding? Yes, I'm troubled by the inability to taste before booking, particularly as commentary on their food isn't readily available on the internet (other than on their website, which is obviously somewhat self serving). I've found onyl one review - it was glowing, but still...

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        Well, two daughters were married a year apart. The first wedding was at the Westmount CC in West Patterson and the second at the Valley Regency in Clifton. At both places, we **substantially** upgraded the menus and affairs. Both weddings were wonderful. The Westmount was glorious, but the Valley Regency was much easier to deal with. Can't go wrong withy either -- allowing for the upgrades.!!

    2. Hope it's not too late to help...having just gone through the wedding thing myself I know how tough it can be. I attended a wedding at the Park Savoy several years ago (maybe 4 years ago) and I remember the food being surprisingly good for wedding food. Of course, I think the couple must have done every upgrade imaginable because they had everything --a margarita/mexican station outside during cocktails, a chocolate fondue extravaganza for dessert (before those chocolate fountain things got popular), filet mignon and tuna steaks as entree choices, etc.

      The place was beautiful, but of course they got lucky with a picture-perfect day.

      1. My daughter's wedding was at the Park Savoy 4 years ago. It was very well done and the food was very very good. I can't tell you anything about the food selection process because the kids organized the entire wedding themselves (I was in CA). They did have occasional tasting sessions though. Many guests complemented me on the food later. Good luck.