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Jul 31, 2006 04:05 AM

Group of 5 - Downtown, Fun, Amazing Food - HELP!

I've been driving myself crazy trying to decide on a *perfect* restaurant for a girls' weekend (we're all 30), emphasis on excellent food, can be pricey, but not crazy expensive. On Saturday night, we're headed to Stanton Social, which I know is more about the scene than the food. Going to Otto on Sunday afternoon for a wine class and early dinner. Have reservations for brunch on Saturday and Sunday at Five Points and Jane, respectively. My one open slot is Friday evening. May want to may a late night stop at Room 4 Dessert, so somewhere in the area, roughly. BUT, because we are on the LES on Saturday night, I would love to have a different 'hood for Friday night, i.e., Nolita, SoHo, East Village.
These were the two I was looking at, but please feel free to give other suggestions:
1) Freeman's
2) Public
Thank you so much!

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  1. i am sure that people have talked it to death but i never visit new york without a visit to Freeman's. Locals may be burned out, i dont know, but some Devils on Hroseback sure sound good right about now. Their Bourbon Press is also an excellent drink. Man, i wish i was in New York... eating

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      1. Tia Pol is a ton of fun for girls' night out!

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            Thanks for the suggestions (Keep 'em coming ; ) You don't think Tia Pol might be a bit cramped for a party of 5?

            Thanks again!

        1. I like Apple, a Vietnamese-ish restaurant/lounge. Been there for b-day party before, and it was chill.

          1. How about Balthazar in Soho for your Fri. night dinner? It's a fun, French bistro of sorts that has a real NY vibe. And the food is very good. It's a classic.

            Two newer places that I really like and that have a good combination of really good food and a fun scene are Cookshop (same owners as 5 Points) in Chelsea and Country (the downstairs cafe) on East 29th street.

            Have fun!