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Is there hope for a great meal in the valley?

Westsider possibly moving to Woodland Hills. How far will we have to drive for a great meal? Looking for suggestions.

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  1. What's a great meal? Are you looking for a Jiraffe-Melisse-Michael's equivalent? Are you looking for cheap HITW ethnic dives? Price range? Type of food? Great wine list?

    Contrary to popular belief, we Valleyites don't sit around all day and eat chicken in cream of mushroom soup and Jell-O (TM) moulds.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      mmm, cream of mushroom soup. by the way, the best way to cook the chicken is in the microwave. (Valley humor)

    2. Das Ubergeek and Kiwi -- I'm laughing!

      No, we don't sit around...we drive to the San Gabriel Valley for dim sum and dumplings and banh mi and boba drinks and custards and fun ethnic markets and more fun ethnic markets and great bakeries and on and on. And then on our way back to the SF Valley we stop in West LA for great dinners!

      I'm in the Conejo Valley, and it's even more barren out this way -- but a great place to live (so long as you don't need to eat too often).

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      1. re: liu

        ...but then you have to come from the SGV to the SFV for great Thai food, Peruvian food, tons and tons of Armenian and Lebanese places, and of course all the taquerias and taco trucks you could possibly want, not to mention the fancy shmancy places down on Ventura -- Max, Bistro Garden, Pinot Bistro, Le Petit Jacques, etc.

        Nope, nothing to eat in the Valley.

        I think it's telling that since I moved from the People's Republic to the Valley in 2002, I've gone to the Westside for the purpose of eating exactly five times.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Das Ubergeek -- joking aside, I do agree that all the places you mentioned are very good. And you are quite correct about really good Thai food (we can include Thai Temple here!) and Mexican places in the SFV (I am not a judge for the Peruvian, Armenian and Lebanese, although I have tried some good places in THE VALLEY.) You are also quite correct about Max and others in this category.

          But there is just something that we like about the San Gabriel Valley and its appendages for good Asian adventures, and there is nothing like such places as Sawtelle or Artesia or Koreatown and the Westside and Hollywood Farmers' Markets and the huge and bustling ethnic markets of the city.

          Hey, there is enough to go around for all of us, looking for anything in this scrumptious city! Happy chowing!

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Hear Hear Das Uber. We moved from the Westside to the Valley the same time as you did and the only reason we dine on the westside is if we have a screening out that way or are visiting my friends or family. But rarely do we make it a destination (as in lets go to the Westside to eat).

            And in the valley, you might just find a restaurant that doesn't force you to pay for valet parking.

        2. For the upper end of the spectrum, Sherman Oaks seems to be the preferred destination if only one area could be selected: You have Max (maxrestaurant.com), Boneyard Bistro (ribs, plus the bistro side of the menu which is where I order from), and Mistral French Bistro.
          Max and Boneyard Bistro both have very good wine lists btw.

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          1. re: carter

            Went to Max recently, after reading your comments about the place. Had a terrific meal there. It's my new favorite restaurant in the valley.

          2. There are TONS of sushi places on Ventura Blvd.

            My favorite place for non traditional sushi is Sushi Dan. Great quality fish, HUGE pieces (biggest cuts of nigeri sushi I've ever seen and the rolls are big), GREAT prices.

            1. There are quite a few great places to eat in the Woodland Hills area.

              Two of my favorites are:

              Bobby's Coffee Shop - fallbrook and ventura... it's the place all the locals go for breakfast. They have a great "Ranch Breakfast" deal. Their hashbrowns and eggs are delicious. The service is great. The restaurant itself is kind of rustic.

              Dan's Super Subs - in my opinion the best sub sandwich shop in the valley. The place is always packed at lunch. I would recommend the hot pastrami & corned beef with cheese.

              Outside of the Woodland Hills but still in the valley...

              *** D'Amore's Pizza *** - they have a couple locations (also one in Westwood Village). Very good pizza. I read the owner flies water in from Boston to make the dough.

              *** E&E Cafe *** - Located near CSUN, it's a little Japanese cafe with great Japanese comfort food. The Japanese curry is my favorite. They also have great desserts and tea.

              *** Las Fuentes & Melody's Kitchen*** These two restaurants are nearly identical in terms of food and just down the street from each other. They have really really really good Mexican food. The burritos are awesome. Great Horchata and flan.

              ** Chili My Soul *** 30+ different gourmet chilis.. you can get them on really tasty thin cut fries, on a polish sausage, on a baked potato, over nachos, and even in a lavash wrap. My fav flavor is mango habanero chicken. They have chili with or without beans... with or without meat.. and different levels of spiciness. The chilis also come with toppings... try bittersweet chocolate chips in the chili... it sounds weird but works! It's a must try and the service is awesome. I think they are adding a Kobe beef burger to the menu soon.

              There are also a handul of pho places in the valley that are actually really good. I think a lot of them are comparable to the ones in Gard Grove/Westminster... There are a few on Reseda/Sherman Way and also a couple on Victory and Sepulveda...

              Hope this helps...

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              1. re: sumo10

                ...and not for nothing, but there's no good pho on the Westside. :-P

                Also good to try is India Sweets & Spices, Sherman Way and Topanga Canyon, Canoga Park -- $4 gets you a ridiculous pile of food and it's tasty. Is it Woodland? No... but nothing else is either.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I do agree that the Woodlands Valley Restaurant at 9840 Topanga Canyon in Chatsworth is one of the best Indian restaurants we have experienced!

                  1. re: liu

                    I wanted to try Woodlands but there was a "B" rating posted in the window. Did you notice? How do you feel about restaurant ratings? A "B" would not bother me that much but the BF would not even touch the front door!

                    1. re: Francesca

                      Francesca -
                      Here is the link from the health Dept.(Just type in Woodlands and Chatsworth in the appropriate places and the rating will come up) and you will see its A or B ratings within the last year, and the causes for either.
                      If they can stay in that range, you should not have too many worries. Look up any restaurant, however, if you have questions.

                        1. re: Francesca

                          I have no problem with a "B" rating, so I didn't notice -- I'll even eat at a "C" if I know the place. You can get a "B" for such horrifying things as keeping the mop submerged in the bucket of disinfecting liquid, or keeping the plastic-wrapped stack of cups too close to the floor.

                    2. re: sumo10

                      Thanks to all of you who gave suggestions without being defensive. We're just not that familiar with the valley, as work keeps us close to home. As I thought, there doesn't seem to be much in Woodland Hills, but plenty of places close.The tips will be helpful.

                      1. re: food fan

                        Plenty of places in Woodland Hills and nearby. Gorikee is a good casual neighborhood place. Anarbagh for Indian, Nicola's and a few other good Italian places, for steaks you have Monty's, Fleming's, Ruth's Chris. Also Roy's is there. Kate Mantillini's (not a fan myself). Edo Sushi, Topanga Pizza, Snapper Jon's fish market, Gaucho Grill for Argentinian. Cavaretta's Italian Deli. Green Cottage and Shirin for Persian. La Frite, nice little neighborhood French bistro. Close by in Calabassas is King's Fish House. Saddlepeak Lodge not far away. That's just off the top of my head.

                          1. re: markn

                            Could you please give me exact location for Anarbagh and the two Persian places. Thank you.

                            1. re: bocarw

                              per google.com

                              Anarbagh - 22721 Ventura Blvd
                              Green Cottage - 20022 Ventura Blvd
                              Shirin - 21826 Ventura Blvd

                            2. re: markn

                              I believe Snapper Jon's is no more -- unfortunately. Also Cricca's (Top. Cyn. and Dumetz) for sub sandwiches. And a second for King's in Calabasas, particularly for oysters and for the happy-hour bar menu.

                          2. Whole Foods Market at Canoga and Ventura in Woodland Hillis is the largest Whole Foods in the SFV and probably one of the largest in all of L.A. There is a huge deli with a great self-serve section of hot and cold foods. If you feel like eating at the store, there are tables near the checkstands.

                            1. Sorry to disagree, but....

                              I agree that most of those are good, solid choices for Woodland Hills. I grew up in the area, and work in Calabasas...so I'm very familiar with the options. However, I moved to the Westside about 10 years ago, and find the food to be in a different league as compared to the west SFV.

                              Flemings, Ruth's Chris, Roy's, Gaucho Grill...they are all chains, and I wouldn't say I've ever had a "great" meal at any one of them. They are fine, but not "great". Gorikee, Anarbagh, Nicola's, King's and La Frite are all good choices for Woodland Hills, but again, none are "great". I personally don't care for the food at Topanga Pizza, Snapper Jon's, or Edo Sushi. Whole Foods is a grocery store...not what I would classify as a "great" meal.

                              When I think of some great meals that I've had, I think of Jiraffe, Spago, Jar, Josie, and Divino's. I realize that a lot of this is personal preference, but IMO, these restaurants are unique with great food. I have not found anything unique with *great* food in the west SFV. Some good food? Yes. Great food? Not to me.

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                              1. re: WestsideLisa

                                A matter of semantics.......

                                I agree there isn't a Spago or Jiraffe level restaurant in Woodland Hills, nor is there in most places. But there are places you can go out and have a nice dinner. I'm not a big fan of Topanga Pizza either (they're a little heavy handed with the garlic) but some on this board like it. Snapper Jon's is good for some fresh fish at lunch....is it Spago, of course not. My point was there are places in Woodland Hills and vicinity where you can go out and have a nice dinner or lunch without having to drive. If you want Spago you're going to have to drive unless you live in Bev Hills.

                                1. re: markn

                                  I just saw this post and wanted to reply:
                                  a & w seafood on reseda -GREAT chinese food
                                  nippon ramen on reseda-very good ramen shop cash only

                                  1. re: nygirl

                                    A & W is one of my favorite Chinese joints. The sauteed pea shoots. The fresh fish in black bean sauce. Anything crab.

                              2. Do yourself a favor and check out Maximilian's in NoHo (on the corner of Weddington and Tujunga).
                                The chef was formerly at the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. The food is a mix of traditional french (french onion soup, duck confit and souffles) and more modern dishes (tuna tartare and oxtail croustillant) - all of it is executed to perfection. IMHO, it's the best restaurant in the Valley.

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                                1. re: bodie

                                  Last I checked, Maximilian's is closed down permanently for at least a couple months.

                                2. In Encino check out Alcazar for Middle-Eastern food - it's on Ventura a few blocks from Versailles. In Woodland HIlls check out Brandywine, on Ventura at Fallbrook. It's a small, romantic French/continental restaurant, very attentive service by the owner; the kind of place that becomes your own neighborhood secret good place.

                                  I also like Gorikee and Topanga Pizza. Never went to La Frite, but heard good things about it. And you can get nice wine at Woodland Hills Wine.

                                  1. Things worth driving to the valley for:

                                    The combo plate at "Falafel Palace" on Reseda Blvd in Northridge
                                    Falafel at "Pita Kitchen" just off Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks
                                    "Vinh Loi Tofu" on Sherman Way in Reseda

                                    and also:

                                    Indian food along Topanga Canyon around Saticoy
                                    Thai food along Sherman Way between the 170 and Coldwater Cyn

                                    1. This is so sad. The lack of outstanding food in the Valley is silly. Good restaurants would be welcomed. It certainly isn't for lack of patrons with the ability to pay. I just don't get how all the mediocre ones stay around.

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                                      1. re: compucook

                                        The mediocre ones stay around because people are still patronizing them. Stick to the good ones, such as Gorikee in Woodland Hills, rather than a Kate Mantilini at 3x the price, or Villa Piacere at any price, or come into Sherman Oaks for Max, Boneyard Bistro's bistro menu, or Mistral, or the sushi on Ventura Blvd. east of the 405, be it in Sherman Oaks or Studio City.
                                        Quality exists, yet Valleyites will not spend the money to get good food, feeling they must go over the hill to the west side, and thus quality restaurateurs will not come to the valley. Oximoron, you say - yes!

                                        1. re: compucook

                                          If "outstanding food" means in a higher-end place to sit and dawdle over a bottle of expensive wine while surrounded by trendy people, yes, I absolutely agree with you, we don't have that in the Valley.

                                          If "outstanding food" means "food that tastes outstanding", you're wrong... there's outstanding food all over the place for those who are willing to eat in an ethnic dive, which is what the Valley does well and the Westside and Hollywood, well, just don't.

                                          Wait till I move to Orange County and start getting defensive about that instead, ha haaa! :-P

                                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                            Absolutely....like I said in an earlier post it depends on your definition of "outstanding food". If your looking for higher end places like Spago then the valley is certainly lacking in that area. I think Posto could have held its own, Pinot Bistro has gone downhill. Haven't tried Max yet but it sounds like it could hold its own as well.

                                            But the valley kicks ass over the westside when it comes to Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, sushi etc.

                                            1. re: markn

                                              There's great food all over LA and OC, which is why I always put on weight here.
                                              I love the Valley! :)

                                        2. well, woodland hills has the nicer restaurants, like kate mantillini, etc., which i guess doesn't necessarily mean good eats. but yes, you may have to drive a bit in the valley even, like to studio city for sushi, van nuys for pho, reseda for ramen, chatsworth for korean. plenty of great places all around. i'm a former westsider too.

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                                          1. re: ladius

                                            Could you please advise where in Chatsworth you recommend for Korean? Many thanks.

                                            1. re: Heidi

                                              there's Han Woo Ri on Reseda (I believe near Plummer) has pretty good hae dup bap and kalbi tang.

                                              You can always go to the food court in the Galleria market on Reseda & Devonshire. Their knee bone soup is good, duk bok ki is good, and they used to have an excellent chinese place but they sold to someone else and subsequently, is not as good.

                                              I'm afraid that's all I know about korean in chatsworth. you can go to yu-chun in reseda in the Greenland market area. really good nengmyun and kimchi mandoo.

                                              1. re: ladius

                                                Pine Tree Korean Restaurant
                                                8322 Reseda Blvd
                                                Northridge, CA 91324-4619View Map

                                                Only a few miles from Chatsworth, and a lot closer than K-town. Still one of my favs.

                                          2. Yesterday I stumbled upon Snapper Jon's in Woodland Hills looking for a healthy lunch. What a find! I had the best broiled fish in years, as well as a great presentation from Jon about who has the best fish in LA. Jon really knows his fish. He sells only Sushi grade and his preperation is terrific and healthy. Under $10 for two varieties of fish with 2 fresh veggies. There are only a couple of tables and a counter, but it is one of my best finds in years.

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                                            1. re: PGB

                                              I know a lot of people like Snapper Jon's, but I'm not a fan. Jon was very friendly and the fish was decent, but I found the sides to be pretty bad (one simply tasted like mayo, the other had no taste at all). Also, I did not enjoy the atmosphere. There were just a couple of tables, both of which were quite dirty. I found my lunch to be less than relaxing since Jon was watching us and talking to us the whole time (mostly telling us how great everything in his store is).

                                              1. re: WestsideLisa

                                                Exactly, the food is ok but his used car salesman shtick is pretty annoying.

                                            2. I have family out that way so I've been a few times. Here's a few that were memorable for me:

                                              ~ Les Sisters in Chatsworth for southern food
                                              ~ Shalimar in Woodland Hills for Indian (if you lived in London, you'll feel right at home)
                                              ~ Great Greek in Sherman Oaks for Greek food
                                              ~ Brandywine in Woodland Hills for French food
                                              ~ Solley's in Sherman Oaks for Deli food
                                              ~ Carnival in Van Nuys for hummus

                                              I should say that my definition of a great meal has more to do with the food and the company than the wine list and a snooty wait staff. I've been to restos in Los Angeles proper as well but I will say that I was no more impressed with the ones in LA than I was with the ones in "the valley". If you stay away from chain restos and patronize the ones the ones you do like, you should be fine. After all, a meal is what you make of it.

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                                              1. re: librarian

                                                word librarian. People rag on the valley for it's food scene, but I have at least 1 or 2 favorite places for every type of ethnic cuisine i'm in the mood for. Sure, there aren't a plethora of fine dining options, but i'm about the food. I much rather eat a homemade meal at a hole-in-the-wall family owned food joint than drop 5 times the dough to help cover the $20,000 monthly rent of a westside "grille".

                                                one of my favorites: bistek y queso burrito from las fuentes. heAVEn.

                                              2. Woodland Hills & Adjacent ~ My dittos on above include Gorikee, King's Fish House & Fins in Calabasas, Sagebrush Cantina for margaritas, Sunday brunch and mediocre tex/mex - go for outdoor ambiance and to check out the motorcycle parade on Sundays. Takeout: Whole Foods, Cavaretta's, Dan's Subs, Topanga Pizza, Maria's & the chicken place in the El Camino shopping mall at Mullholland/Valley Circle. Adding Carrillo's Mexican Deli (in nearby Reseda/Canoga Park) on Sherman Way between Winnetka & Corbin for great authentic Mexican; also Yang Chow on Topanga just north of Victory for chinese cravings.

                                                1. Has no one mentioned Brandywine?? That is probably the best restauarant in WH and certainly of westside quality (and prices)...intimate,good service, nice wines and a gravlax cart for starters...you won't be disappointed.

                                                  1. PS - I just noticed someone above did mentionit but it is not french - I guess its Continental, for lack of a better word... the paella (BTW) is great but you need to call and order in advanceif I recall...

                                                    1. Brandywine has its detractors, but I find it to be good. It's one of the few places that not only serves escargot, but has it coming out sizzling. Their chateaubriand is, as they say in the urban parlance, off the hook.

                                                      I always refer to it as French because I'm always ordering French items. They might be Continental to keep the books balanced, but it's clear to me where their soul is.

                                                      1. Luckily, you won't have to drive too far! I grew up in the valley and although I no longer live there, I can assure you that there are some good eats there. Here is my list of tops in no particular order. Some are fancy, some are dives, but they all have excellent food. Enjoy!

                                                        Mexican: Las Fuentes for affordable classics, Sol y Luna for food+ fun +margaritas.,
                                                        Senor Fred in Sherman Oaks for excellent upscale, though slightly
                                                        Gringofied, food and great margaritas. Also has the best happy hour bites in

                                                        Indian: Anabargh is arguably the best in the entire LA area and it's in Woodland Hills.

                                                        Burgers: Boulevard Burgers for the best cheeseburgers and fantastic fries. Trust me.

                                                        Italian: Oliva in Sherman Oaks. The atmosphere is lacking, but the food is amazing.
                                                        Great seafood and pasta.

                                                        Persian: Shirin Restaurant is the best persian food in the valley hands down. Great
                                                        kabobs and rice. Huge portions.

                                                        Sushi: Katsu-Ya in Encino for their creative menu and rock shrimp tempura.
                                                        Iwata in Sheman Oaks for value and solid, fresh sushi.

                                                        BBQ- Dr. Hogley Wogley's in Van Nuys for Texas style barbeque. Dismal joint, but oh
                                                        so good! This place is a time warp.
                                                        Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks for great ribs and fried mac and cheese.

                                                        French: Mistral in Sherman Oaks for classic bistro fare.

                                                        Cal Asian- Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks is wonderful. Always a great meal.
                                                        Perfect lumpia rolls and braised short ribs.

                                                        Bakery: Le Bon Bread makes fantastic almond croissants and other pastries.
                                                        La Creme Bakery for the tastiest tres leches cake.

                                                        Subs: Dan's Subs for straight forward hoagies.

                                                        Taquerias: El Tapatio on Victory Blvd makes some fiery, authentic tacos. The
                                                        carnitas, al pastor and carne asada are favorites. Awesome salsas.
                                                        Poquito Mas makes some surprisingly good carnitas tacos too.

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                                                        1. re: jdash

                                                          Anarbagh has tasty enough food but the service is enough to make a nun cuss.

                                                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                            Truly. I am boggled as to why they think that service is passable. It is truly dreadful. But people keep going, and there's often a wait (Partially due to the bad service)

                                                            Good food, though. Take out is an option.

                                                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                              I've always had a good experience there, but I also always go out to eat on Tuesday nights, when it's less busy. However, if the food is good, I'm willing to put up with less than stellar service 9 out of 10 times.

                                                            2. re: jdash

                                                              jdash, where is Boulevard Burgers? I am always on the lookout for great cheeseburgers and fries.

                                                              1. re: brandygirl

                                                                Isn't Boulevard Burgers on Ventura between Topanga and Canoga?

                                                                1. re: ozhead

                                                                  yup. that's the one. next to the motel and beauty salon.

                                                            3. I have a soft spot for Brandywine simply because I proposed to my wife there. Very intimate little restaurant.

                                                              Carillos (Corbin and Sherman Way) for good Mexican and great tortillas made in-house.

                                                              There's an Indian restaurant (Punjab Palace?) at Nordhoff and Shirley in the Guitar Center/Bev Mo shopping center that gets pretty consistant good word. DO NOT go to Village Tandoor on Reseda and Devonshire.

                                                              Les Sisters (Devonshire E of Topanga) for fried chicken and bread pudding.

                                                              La Frite for crepes.

                                                              Los Toros (Devonshire) for margaritas.

                                                              And don't forget that we have one of the best deli's in town in the form of Brent's (Corbin and Parthenia).

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                                                              1. re: Wheggi

                                                                Actually the lunch buffet at Village Tandoor is quite good. The food is maybe a slight notch better at Punjab but I stopped going when they started cramming everyone into a small corner of the restaurant at lunch, keeping 90% of it roped off for banquets that probably happen 10% of the time.

                                                              2. Brandywine on Ventura. Great ambiance, horribly expensive, well rated. Welcome!

                                                                1. First of all, I haven't read all the post here because there are way too many, so if I repeat any places please forgive me. If you want cheap hole-in-the-wall type of places, there are tons of little falafel type-joints, they usually look pretty bad from the outside, but as a rule are pretty tasty. There are tons of sushi places in the valley and if you are moving to Woodland Hills, I would recommend going to Edo Sushi on Ventura. It's pretty awesome and has some great specials. Hope that helps and see ya around.

                                                                  1. Hello I'm new here and excited to talk about food. I live in Woodland Hills and I regret to say the food here is deplorable, aside from a good selection of sushi places. India's Tandoori is good with a terrific Chicken Korma, and Gorikee is tasty if you don't mind eating in a mall. Brandywine is pretty much the fanciest we have that's not a chain. The Canyon Bistro is new and is a surprisingly excellent french bistro in Topanga Canyon. Being french I had to check it out and it was hip and gourmet. (They had Kobe beef on the menu!) Also the setting was pretty.

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                                                                    1. re: travellingbabe

                                                                      If you're looking for fancy, non-chain places then yes, the West Valley is probably not the place for you. But there are restaurants besides fancy non-chains that are quite good, so I don't agree with your assessment of "deplorable".

                                                                      1. Just found an awesome Korean BBQ place last weekend in Van Nuys. Now I don't have to drive to SGV or Koreatown !!! Excellent food, friendly, attentive service. The all-you-can-grill selection of 13 meats was delicious. At $16.95/person, it's a steal. No buffet here. All food is prepared in the kitchen per order and brought out to your table. The fresh sides and carafe of water are refilled at your request. We're not big on grilling the food ourselves, so we asked if the meats could be grilled in the kitchen and brought to our table. The owners pleasantly agreed. We asked for egg custard. Sure, they brought it out fresh and hot. We asked for small bowls of soup. Sure, they brought that out too. This is our new favorite place. Excellent food. Excellent service.

                                                                        If it sounds like I'm pushing it, I am !!! The owners just opened this place 4 months ago, and I don't want it to to disappear. Delicious food with friendly service is so hard to find in the valley !

                                                                        Fresh Korean BBQ
                                                                        17623 Sherman Way
                                                                        Van Nuys, CA 91406

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                                                                        1. re: bothsides

                                                                          Gosh I have to disagree. I almost never badmouth a place... even when service is bad, I put up with it for the great food. But I went to Fresh Korean BBQ this weekend, and I left more amazed, then pissed off, at the bad service. We were seated, the banchan was brought out, but after that, nothing. We pushed the button, no response. So we called out to a passing waitress and asked for water. She brought over a small carafe which filled up only two and a half cups (for the four of us), and never came back to fill up the others! The meat finally arrived for us grill (after reminding two waitresses) about fifteen minutes after ordering it. To get some more salad, we pushed the button once, twice, three times (not continuously but about 3 minutes apart), no one paid any attention. We finally had to yell and stick out my hand to block their path, for them to even look in our direction. We were nice to the waitress and even made small talk, so I have no idea why they would, seemingly purposefully, ignore us like that all night.

                                                                          The meat was definitely delicious, as well as the banchan, but the extremely inattentive staff just killed it for me. I'd rather drive to Koreatown than go here again.

                                                                        2. Try Top Thai in Reseda, on Reseda Blvd. near Saticoy. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it is our go-to Thai place in the valley. Try the Northern Thai specialties on the back page (Kang Ho is my favorite). Service can be shaky when they're busy, which isn't often enough, but very friendly. SFV Hounds, please consider supporting this place. I don't want to lose it.