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Jul 31, 2006 03:49 AM

Best frozen yogurt- Angelina!

I had to post about Angelina because I have never had such good frozen yogurt! There are flavors I would never eat that taste amazing there. My favorite flavor is cheesecake, which is hard to come by, when it is in, it goes fast.
I get the cake cone and it is the perfect amount of yogurt and always tastes great.
There are three locations, one on Bedford in BH, one on Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo and one on Melrose btwn Fairfax and La Brea.
I used to deal with the awful yogurt and beyond awful service at the place on Beverly at Crescent Heights, but now I would never go to that place again, I will always make the trip to an Angelina.
The guy who runs the WeHo location is very nice and will tell you what flavors are coming the next week.
Check it out once and you will be hooked!

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  1. We like Big Chill (West LA), but it is probably because we don't know any place that is better. I am looking forward to trying thanks!

    1. Angelina is good, though there was a better fro yo store in the same spot before Angelina. Good to know that Angelina has some other locations. Seems like frozen yogert is making a comeback, and a good store is hard to find.

      I am closer to the Bigg Chill which has so many flavors and the Caroblite (super low sugar flavors). They get busy and parking can be a crunch, but it's worth it. They have all types of cones: regular wafer, waffle, smaller waffes dipped in chocolate w/sprinkles, chocolate chip and cookie cones and a plethora of toppings. They also sell low carb, low sugar goodies - you name it. They have a punch card, I think the 10th yogert is a free small.

      They change their flavors every two days and then keep the same flavors Friday through Sunday. You can call around 11 am to hear the recording of flavors (310) 475-1070.


      1. Angelina does have a punch card as well. I think it is also the 10th one is free.
        They have carbolite, but I have never had it. I like the real stuff, since theirs is all non-fat and tastes like I am eating soft serve ice cream, I am beyond happy!

        They have baked goods, drinks and full coffee bar. It is very clean, nice setting, at least the WeHo one is, the other 2 are on the small side.

        It is really worth checking out for sure.

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