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Jul 31, 2006 03:07 AM

Update on Ford's Filling Station

I was filled with trepidation after reading the very mixed comments, but I'm happy to report that my husband and I had a wonderful experience last night. We had a 6:15 reservation and were seated promptly although there were many empty table we were only offered a two top on the patio. The patio was quickly bustling with activity and people were waiting for tables by 7. Our server came right over to offer drinks and offered a taste of the wine that I asked about. It was just what I wanted, a crisp dry rose called Chateau Morgues..perfect for a warm night. Garlic rolls were brought out while we perused the menu. We ordered the charcuterie plate(choice of 3 meats from a large selection)having the hot soprasetta, serano ham and the summer salami. They were all sliced very thinly served with a flavored bread and pot of house cured olives with lemon and rosemary. My husband had the Fish N Chips and I had the Beef Cheeks which other chows had recommended. The fish was lightly battered and served with some "tempura" vegetables. The cheeks came served on wheat orzo with a wonderful sauce. Very rich. A man sitting next to us was served the flat iron steak with potatoes and spinach which I think I will have to return to try.It looked yummy. There were a few specials that night, a halibut which sounded very good expect for a creme sauce. We shared a warm rhubarb crisp with a dollop of vanilla bean creme fraiche. Great vibe, good service and the food was delicious albeit not cheap. Food, cocktails tax and tip...$140! but I left there with my expectations exceeded and will definately go again.Tender Greens next store was also happening. Culver City really did it right with all the outdoor dining space. We'll be visiting often now.

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  1. Maybe we'll give it another try. We went 2 weeks after opening and had a mediocre experience. We watched the bartender pour us the wrong glass of wine and then he argued with us about it. At the table, it took them 15 minutes to find the bottle of wine we ordered. We were 1/2 way thru our apps when it came. The server and manager were nice and apologetic, maybe they've gottn the kinks working out. Hope so, as I've heard that Ben Ford is a good guy.

    1. I have also heard that Ben Ford is a nice guy, but my experience there was so bad I will never convince my wife to go back. My steak was ok, but for the level of service and for a place that calls itself a "gastropub" the prices are just silly.

      1. I had an awful experience there. Food was flaccid, and the service was comical.

        1. I've been to FFS twice and that's enough; spotty and/or mediocre food, very spotty service. Regarding that Fish n Chips: Overwhelmingly oily. They didn't bother to drain it a little before putting it on that paper in the serving dish. Also, no flavor, they could have added a little salt at least.

          Of the new restaurants, only Tender Greens got it right from week one. Completely efficient and great service. The service at Wilson is absolutely abominable.

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            What's the story with Tender Greens? Never been. Sorry if there's already been some earlier talk about it.

          2. ford's was a big disapointment for us. went for lunch-so-so and unenthsiastic service
            I ordered the fish and chips and they were soggy and heavy and I basically did not eat them.the burgers looked ok---the salad-- I ordered the romaine wedge with blue cheese---seriously folks nothing special and boring and bland. waste of money

            cost 75 dollars for 3 people and we had 2 burgers and 1 fish and chips and one salad.
            never again!