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Jul 31, 2006 03:07 AM

Bakeries that specialize in decorating cakes for baby showers

Besides Cupcake Factory and Amy's Bread, any recs for a bakery that specializes in decorated cakes for Baby Showers?


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  1. If you are talking about baby themed cake decoration, give Cafe Scaramouche in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a try. They do a lot of wholesale baking including for Dean&Deluca, but their Brooklyn location means they are reasonably priced. Whenever I walk by there are beautifully decorated cakes in the window, plus they also have iced cookies with baby shower-like themes.

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      Thank you so much! It's so hard to find a bakery that decorates anymore.

    2. I found this when I googled decorated cakes on New York Magazine's website. It's not specifically for baby showers, but might work for you, or lead you to another source. Good luck.

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        Thank you!! I was at such a loss. Will check it out & give a report for future reference.

      2. The original comment has been removed