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Jul 31, 2006 02:09 AM

A Bryants, a passing comment.

I just have to throw in a few comments about AB. I stopped there, guiltily, the other day. The temp. was over 100 and my dog was in the car; so I left the AC running and the car open and I couldn't get that out of my mind the whole time I was eating. The place was almost empty and when that happens, eye contact is discouraged. Almost like being at a Mitchell Brother's theater. I ordered a beef sandwich (no sauce; what the heck and why not; the sauce is on the table) and no fries, which irriated the guy slicing the beef. Oh, well. I got a Boulevard Pale Ale at the cash register and meekly went to a table. It was very, very good. I had control of the sauce and the white bread they give you is more like a napkin. The beef (brisket?), well, it was sublime. Chowhounds: Tell me where you can get better Q'. I'm all ears.

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  1. Where is this place? (where in the midwest, that is)

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      1. re: AliceS

        Isn't that the chowhound equivalent of asking "so where is this Eiffel Tower place?" on an architecture forum?

        (just giving you a hard time Alice -- Arthur Bryant's is about as famous a BBQ joint as there is in the world)

        1. re: MSPD

          Actually, if you identified the Eiffel Tower as ET or E Tower, one might not guess Paris. If someone isn't into Q, like me, they very easily might not know anything about Arthur Bryant's.

          1. re: chocolatetartguy

            What's "Q"???

            p.s. -- that was sarcasm

      2. Perhaps if it had said "Arthur Bryants" I would have known. Actually, that's not true, I would have had no idea, I just don't even look at posts that don't mention Minnesota (or NYC as I go there to visit my family often). Plus I don't eat BBQ. Now I know.

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        1. re: AliceS

          Just some good natured ribbing (no pun intended).

          As for the original post, responding to "tell me where you can get better 'Q'", outside of brisket sandwiches, I prefer most everything at LC's to Arthur Bryant's. Their burnt ends are in a totally different league as are the pork ribs. I even like the fries better at LC's.

          But, being from MSP, I'm by no means a qualified authority on up-to-the-minute KC BBQ quality. Especially since I quit going out of my way to get to AB's on trips through KC.

        2. Nice to hear a positive report about AB. When they're on, it may be the best. Certainly the most unique sauce in the region.
          I hope you rewarded the dog with just a taste?