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Jul 31, 2006 01:20 AM

re-visiting the new Porta

I hadn't been to Porta in some time, what a great meal we had. They had a Greek version of mac and cheese that was out of this world, I I am not a mac and cheese person. Long tube pasta with 3 sharp cheeses and a creamy sauce, really yummy. I also like that they have smallish portions with smallish price tags as well. I was eyeing a shrimp dish which had bell peppers. I can't eat bell peppers and told the owner. He produced a dish with shrimp and artichokes on skewers over orzo pasta. We also had the grilled lamb steak over a warm cabbage slaw, and my very favorite the yigantes, the giant beans. Oh, and some homemade sausage sauteed in garlic, just amazingly flavorful. We had a great time and a great meal. I am going to get out there again as soon as I can. I think this is the best Greek food in town.

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  1. I assume that "town" is Seattle?

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      yes, that town is Seattle, sorry, forgot this board is the whole Pacific Northwest

    2. It's nice that Porta has reopened. I used to go there a lot for lunch and once in a while for dinner when they were in Eastlake. It sounds like they might have changed their menu a little?

      By the way, another casualty of "development" in Eastlake was their neighbor, Hines coffee. Does anyone know if they reopened anywhere?

      1. I always enjoyed Porta when it was on Eastlake. I have been to the Belltown location a couple of times recently and I thought it was great. There were a few old favorites that are not on the new menu (saganaki for one). When I went about a month ago (for lunch), I had the Pork Tenderloin Gyros. It was wonderfully garlicky and flavorful. The next time I went was for dinner. There were so many things that I wanted, I couldn't make up my mind. To save me from having to make a decision, the owner just brought us about 5 very tasty entrees (there were 6 of us in our party). I think my favorite was something that wanda2day mentioned, the homemade sausages that were sautéed in toasted garlic. I can't stop thinking about them.......

        I will be back (soon!)

        1. What keeps me coming back is the Baklava ice cream...Yummy! Last time I was there I ate it as an appetizer... is that wrong? I went to the Porta in Eastlake a few times and the new Porta on Virgina (between 1st & 2nd) is just as good or maybe slightly better. We had 2 different lamb dishes that were some of the best we had. The service is still always friendly, especially Dimitri, who is the owner or manager.

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            too funny....I think you should eat what you want....when you want!

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              Absolutely!! Hey do you remember the name of that sausage dish? You said you had tried when responding to my post. I have been trying to tell a Greek friend about it.

          2. I don't recall the name of the dish, but I'm pretty sure it's the only sausage item on the menu.