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Jul 31, 2006 01:19 AM

Using knife sharpeners across brands?

I have a Wusthof knife and the Wusthof "sharpener" - the kind that sits on the counter and you just swipe the blade through a couple of times.

Can you use another brand of sharpener with a Wusthof knife or is it important to remain within the same brand?

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    1. re: MisterFister

      Ceramic is actually harder than steel on the Rockwell scale so it will do a better job of sharpening in the right hands. But yeah, a steel is a steel. Brands for steels are just a marketing gimmick.

      1. re: jennyantepenultimate

        I disagree, all steels are not the same. different manufacturers have different cuts and different hardnesses. F.Dick Corp. makes some of the finest steels in the world, and has the largest selection

        1. re: cookman

          Cookman, I agree with you,. I have the F. Dick twin cut steel, and it definitely is different from others I have used. It wasn't cheap but it was definitely worth the extra $30.00.

          I love the idea that I can use the fine cut for a quick touch up, or use the regular and then fine cut for a knife that has been neglected for a few days.

          I do have the DMT Diafold Sharpener in my kit bag, just in case.

    2. Respectfully, that style of "sharpener" is worse than garbage. It is ineffective in the extreme.

      And contrary to steels being a "marketing gimmick "there is one and only company that sits head and shoulders above all others: F. Dick. The actual alloys they use and the finish they put on their steels and the shapes they supply their butcher steels in are superior to anything else.

      Through that thing out and get a Dickoron.

      1. Unlessyou need a sharpener for a special type of blade (e.g., serrated), a good knife sharpener will work with any standard blade. From my experience, ignore the nay-sayers. I also have a Wusthof sharpener (I previously used a stone) and have never had to take my my knives to a professionally sharpener.With the Wusthof, BTW, I don't give just a couple of swipes wioth the ceramic, but 8 to 12. And have never used a steel. and have one inherited knife that's perhaps 70 years old that is not at all worn down.