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Jul 31, 2006 01:06 AM

Places to eat in Rockport, MA?

I went to Rockport for the first time today and loved it. Although today I pretty much just headed for the beach, next time I want to try a dinner or lunch somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions for a casual lunch of sandwiches and salads? I also noticed that there seem to be many places on the water where I could go for dinner. Do any of them come with recommendations?

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  1. Remember one important point, there are no sales of liquior in the town of Rockport. So the main resturants close earlyier than others might. We visited there last year. and we ate in a few places and they were all ok. there is a real nice place up at the end of the pier, the one at the left end of main st if you are facing the water. Good luck, hope this helps in some small way. Earle

    1. I believe that the liquor law in Rockport has changed recently. I have not been since last year, but I remember reading about somewhere.

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        Yes alcohol is served with food in Rockport now. For a nicer dinner, people like My Place by the Sea at theend of Bearskin Neck. For casual in that area, Top Dog. Red's Skiff on the main drag. The lobster in the rough place on Bear's Neck. I'm sure there are previous Rockport posts if you search.

      2. To Joanie, thanks for that bit of information. I may go back sometime in the future, it sure was a drag not haveing them serve Alcohol, Not for the sake of drinking but the restaurants closed early, you had to go and eat at least by 7 PM.