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Jul 31, 2006 12:58 AM

Derryfield deck,Manchester NH

Had lunch there this week. My expectations were low going in and was really surprised with our ap of seared tuna. Presented on a large white plate, mandarin orange pieces in an oval shape, seared with black and white sesame seeds and served with a very thick soy sauce and wasabi. Beautiful and really good. I was getting pretty excited by now...Thinking how could I not have found this place before! Things went downhill very quickly after that. Bottle of white served room temp. Burger was dry, no lettuce or tomato. Pastrami sandwich really dry too. Onion rings blah.
Maybe there are other standouts I am missing but I was just so suprised with the excellence of the ap and the lack of care on sandwichs. Maybe I am not aware of some of the other stand outs served here?
Great place for a drink on a summer day thou.I wish you were able to see people putting out, always fun for us non golfers :)

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