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Jul 31, 2006 12:57 AM

High calorie, no cholesterol foods? [moved from Home Cooking]

My grandmother is trying to gain a little weight -- she is 83, very active and on a no-cholesterol diet due to heart disease in the family. Her doctor suggested drinking an energy drink called Boost but she would rather try to gain weight with regular food. Her normal diet consists of oatmeal, lots of fruit and vegetables, salmon, yogurt, etc. Beyond consuming larger quantities of what she normally eats, do you guys have any suggestions? The best thing I could think of was nuts (10 large walnuts have 300 calories!). She's not really into cooking much anymore, so the easier the better.


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  1. Dried fruits, avocados, tropical fruits (they have more sugar).

    You can also have her add skim milk powder to a lot of foods - baked goods, soups, smoothies, hot cereals. It adds calories but no fat, and has a lot of nutrients.

    1. Boost has all the vitamins that she would need, as well as the fat and calories to be healthy (most people use Boost as a diet drink, so as to have minimal calories yet it is a meal replacement, easy/fast/efficent to consume)(sales of it go up around New Years Resolution time; there are also a plethora of coupons for it then).... My dad had it when he was in the hospital. That way they knew if he didn't eat all of his meal, he still had the MDR of fuel in him.

      If anything, she could use it as her beverage when eating a regular meal...if it is too sweet for her, mix it with milk (although then she has more liquid to consume) or make it more like a milkshake in a blender with ice or fruit...the whole idea is to get her to have her calories efficiently...older people tend to 'get full' easier than us youngsters, and so don't eat as much.

      1. Boosting caloric intake without increasing fat or sugar consumption will require eating considerably more food. The best approach would be to add some plant-based foods or ingredients high in monounsaturated fats: walnuts, most other tree nuts, avocadoes, flax seed, canola oil or olive oil. Monounsaturated fats tend to raise HDL without contributing to LDL, which is exactly what somebody wants when controlling cholesterol.

          1. Peanut Butter, or any other nut butter. Please go for the "natural" PB that must be refrigerated instead of the stabilized kind. Plants have zero cholesterol so anything from them is fair game for this request. If you can find some high calorie plants and smother them with olive oil (plant-based, therefore zero cholesterol) you have another high calorie no cholesterol choice. Marble-sized new potatoes smothered in pesto sauce would work well.
            Good Luck.