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Jul 31, 2006 12:35 AM

Old Port Lobster Shack -- the Merc gives chowhounds due credit

Iin its brief but positive review of The Old Port Lobster Shack today, the San Jose Mercury threw out this observation:

"Despite its location, Old Port has developed a following among former East Coasters through the foodie Web site"

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  1. Great find Gary, just goes to prove that the hounds are about a year ahead of the rest of the pack. Keep up the great work! I find their comment about expat noreasters insulting, what about all of us Leff'd coasters looking for something other than Pismo's?

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    1. re: PolarBear

      Ahh, Sandra Chang scooped Gary two weeks ago, but always happy to have one of my top five restaurants mentioned. I need to have my lobster roll/fried clam source when I need a fix.

      The Mercury News has been one of the Best Bay Area periodicals for acknowledging Chowhound.

      Someone mentioned in some post that OPLS might be scouting out a second location in Marin. Keeping my claws crossed that this might be true.

      1. re: rworange

        The Merc review was published today. How am I supposed to know that some people read the paper two weeks before it's published?

        1. re: Gary Soup

          The article Sandra linked was online and had a mention of a delayed publication.

          Personally I was not blown away by OPLS during my lunch visit 2 weeks ago. I did enjoy the first bite or two of my naked lobster roll, but something about it did not quite wow me the way it should. The clam chowder was a bit on the watery side, I guess I am too used to the thick creamy kind, though I thought their oyster crackers went very well with the chowder.

          Now....if some Japanese sushi restaurant took this idea and perhaps served cooked lobster in gunkan form like crab, then maybe I might give it a shot. Other than that, Sushi Sam's (San Mateo) baby lobster tail nigiri with Japanese mayo and yellow tobiko has been one of the other nicer off beat lobster preps.

          1. re: K K

            Sorry to go OT, but that Sushi Sam's baby lobster tail nigiri was so darn good when I ordered omokase during a client lunch there 2 weeks ago, we ordered it again.

            1. re: K K

              Unless you grew up in New England, you are comparing apples to lychees. A repeat of when this response comes up. I don't want sushi. I don't want Japanese mayo and yellow tobiko ... or in another topic, three-clawed, two-headed bargain lobster. I want a New England lobster roll to satisfy my craving for my comfort food. I want to close my eyes and imagine the salty breeze in Massachusetts and think of the salt spray from the waves hitting the rocky shore. OPLS does a classic New England lobster roll using top quality lobster. Comparing it to a different cuisine is not a fair comparison. This is how it is supposed to taste.

              1. re: K K

                OK so does anyone recommend that I give OPLS a 2nd try in case I missed the point the first time?

                How about the Maine Lobster Roll? (That's got mayo in it. Maybe I should bring some tobiko and almond slivers with me, add it in and pretend I'm making a Sushi Sam's Sammich! ;-) )

                I do want to try the steamers, but that's probably a separate visit.

                What I was trying to say earlier was that I think the OPLS naked lobster chunks (from the roll) would be a nice ingredient to use in plain sushi form (naked with rice and nori).