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Jul 31, 2006 12:25 AM

Carmine's Creole in Narberth - chef's tasting menu?

I called to find out that they are open on Sundays and feature a chef's tasting menu for $30. They're BYOB, which is a plus.

I'd like to celebrate my birthday there next week and I hear that they have (bar?) seats with views of the kitchen.

Has anyone been lately? Their regular menu online looks promising, but I'm wondering if it's worth the trek from Center City.

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  1. As I recall there are only 4 bar seats, but they do take reservations for the tasting menu, so maybe you could request those (depending on the size of your party). I've only been on Saturday nights (it's priced a bit more) but fabulous- probably one less course on Sundays. Chef John is amazing with what he comes up with. Usually you can find out the tasing menu if you call prior. Happy Birthday- if you enjoy NOLA style food you won't be disappointed!

    1. I had the tasting menu on Sat night. It was wonderful ($40 per person). The restaurant takes reservations for the tasting menu. It is BYOB.

      1. My husband and I love Carmine's and have been eating at Chef John's restaurant on a regular basis for many years. His tasting menu is fantastic (so is his regular menu and nightly specials). Definitely worth the trip from Center City. When you call to make a reservation you can ask if the menu has been set.

        We had the tasting menu on Saturday night as well and it was wonderful. We brought both a red and a white wine so we'd be covered for all of the courses (on Saturdays at least the courses are: soup, appetizer, fish, meat, and dessert). Whatever you don't drink, you can just take back home with you.

        It's fun to watch the kitchen from the bar seats but you may be more comfortable at a table.

        1. Worth a trip. Was there just a couple of weeks ago.
          Keep an eye out for the duck of the day special and if by chancce they are offering the watermelow and crab soup...get is exellent.

          this is a small restaurant so definitely call....the 'bar' seating area does only have 4 seats.

          1. We had dinner there the first week after he opened in Narberth. Service wasn't good (as you might expect in a brand-new operation) and the noise was intolerable.

            Has the noise been controlled?