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Jul 30, 2006 11:54 PM

What to eat at "On-the-Border"?

Going for dinner anything decent to eat there? I'm a fan of Mexican food and even Tex-Mex type Mexicna food if it's good. Never been to On The Border though. Anything good?

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  1. It isn't advertised as such, but every time I have gone, I have noticed its was too even the corn chips are dry....its almost health food...

    all my firnds say the margaritas at Happy Hour are good...I hve never had them tell me the food was ..memorable...or anything....

    1. My wife and I are Southwesterners marooned in the Boston area -- trips to OTB are a semi-routine guilty pleasure for us.

      OTB is interesting...I've found that although the vast majority of their menu items are pretty mediocre, there are a few surprisingly tasty standouts.

      I actually routinely order the plain old chicken or steak fajitas. The seasonings remind me of the Tex Mex places in the Southwest, ***and most importantly*** they are served with their fresh, homemade flour tortillas. It should be noted that these aren't served with too many of their dishes, but they're a real strong point for the chain.

      Also noteworthy is their superb salsa. Freshly made, and actually even a little bit spicy, I could [ok, I sometimes do] eat it with a spoon.

      Their frozen margaritas are both delicious and dangerously stronger than they taste.

      1. This caught me off guard--On The Border is the name of a strip club on the south edge of Milwaukee County, hence the name. They serve a free lunch buffet, but I'm sure that the food at your OTB is MUCH better.

        1. I like their grilled fish tacos... tasty! :)


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            Dommy!, where is this place near LA?

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              It's in the Howard Hughes center. It's NOT a chowish place by any means. But okay if you work in the area (I do.)


          2. In the Boston area- is this the place in Woburn, MA? Never been, but I hear they make the quacamole tableside, and it is tasty.
            My fave area place is Mexico Lindo in Melrose. Went there last week, and enjoyed their Dungeoness crab anchilada and a pitcher of margarita's.

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            1. re: macca

              Yep, it's the place in Woburn. Tableside guacamole is pretty good. I've heard great things about Mexico Lindo, but I should emphasize: I don't go to OTB for authentic Mexican food. I go there for "authentically fake" Tex Mex...more of a taste of Phoenix than a taste of Mexico.

              1. re: finlero

                thanks. Love your description of the place. May be just the place for a few margarita's and some chips, salsa and guacamole.