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Jul 30, 2006 11:48 PM

Mojito in Santa Clarita?

Has anyone been to the Cuban restaurant Mojito in Valencia? Love Cuban and wondering how this one is...

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  1. This restaurant is at the top of my fave restaurants list currently. The food is off the charts amazing and the mojitos are to die for. They have several flavors my favorite being the orange or mango...just addicting. Try the empanadas as a starter, they're exquisite. BTW on the weekends they have live music and dancing and the vibe is hot.

    1. Thanks! Will try soooooooooon and let you know our experience.

      1. Finally hit this place up last night. The mojitos were great, but I could not say the same about the food. We got some emapanadas along with some tuna tatar as appetizers and moved up to the bistec with rice and beans. There wasn't much flavor in any of the dishes, quite bland to be frank.

        The inside decor was very nicely done, but overall the high prices and the lack of flavor in the food will probably not bring us back unless it's for a mojito and appetizers at the bar. On top of this, we were dissapointed to find out they did not even carry Ironbeer... reason from the smug owner: no room in the back

        I think Versailles was a much better eating experience. Most likely go there to eat Cuban for half the price.

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          Okay your experience is quite interesting. SO and I have been quite often and the food is always stellar. The reason I prefer Mojito over Versaille is the same reason you stated...flavor...I've never had a bland dish there, everything is always so a contrast I find Versaille to have underseasoned food most times. I'm just wondering if you experienced an off-night or if they have a new chef. Hmmmm.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I spend half my time in Sherman Oaks and half in the Santa Clarita area and have to say there are few chowish places to speak of. The places that we frequent tend to be chain-ish places because that's about all there is in the zone. Here's our list of favorites across the board for all types of meals:

            La Chene - Incredible French, Full Bar, Beautiful Patio - Sierra Hwy
            Way Station Coffee Shop - Cheap and good breakfast, yummy hashbrowns
            Eggplantation - "The Eggplant" as our chowpups call it, 101 different omelettes
            Salt Creek Bar and Grill - Good drinks and burgers
            El Tacos Vapor Taco Truck - Xlnt Asada and Carnitas - Across from Castaic Town Center (Ralphs)
            Elephant Bar - I know I know...but great drinks and Apps are decent
            German Place - Good German Food off Lyons

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              Oooops I should have said few chowish places to eat in the SCV, not Sherman Oaks. The Valley is loaded with good chow and when I get bored I go north or south and sometimes east ;-)....

              I spend my weekends Friday Sat Sun and Mon usually in Castaic and find that our choices are limited which is why I was bummed about Mojitos, it used to be one of our regulars but we hadn't been for 6 weeks or so and look what happened to the neighborhood!

              I like Mazzarinos and order take out delivery from them, good stuff~

            2. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one complaining about the food and the smugness of the owners. Eventually this place either needs to make better food or lower their prices or it'll close down. I just wish I visited the place before they fired Chef Alex.

            3. One other choice for Cuban is La Rumba on Bouquet. I have never been there, but friends of mine have and like it.

              La Rumba Latin American Cuisine
              (661) 297-6260

              27600 Bouquet Canyon Rd
              Santa Clarita, CA 91350

              Cross Street:
              Near intersection of Bouquet Canyon Rd and Haskell Canyon Rd