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Jul 30, 2006 11:41 PM

Paso Robles restaurants

Is Paris open, closed for remodel or closed for good? Reports suggest it, Bistro Laurent, Buono Tavola and Villa Creek all may be inconsistent. How is Panolivo for dinner? I'm still bummed Alloro is gone. I need a couple dinners and am game for anything: burgers, cheap, ethnic, hole-in-the-wall on through the high end stuff. Thanks.

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  1. Check out Matthews at the Airport.
    Another is to drive 10 minutes to McPhee's in Templeton.

    1. Paris is closed at the old location and Claude says he will reopen this fall in a new place.

      I still consider Villa Creek to be very good. The people I have talked to that don't like it, didn't really get what they were trying to do. They tend to think it is Mexican or a steakhouse and are disappointed when it isn't that. I really like the focus on locally grown foods with an Early CA spin. I wish there was more places like it around the state.

      I like Panolivo for dinner. But I think it can be a bit inconsistent but very nice bistro-style French. The cassoulet is quite good.

      I like Bistro Laurent as well and particularly like the prix-fix when in the mood for a big formal meal. I agree the food can be inconsistent at times but service is always good to me. I really like that place for a nice lunch with a glass of Rose on the patio.

      I enjoyed the new Italian in the old Kelly's spot on Spring much better than Buono Tavola though agree at missing Alora.

      Goshi at the RR Station is very nice sushi (at an outstanding value compared to L.A. or Bay Area prices and standards.

      Another dive that I really like is Tenexpa. It is a bit hard to find (East of town by the other Senior Sanchos). Very good authentic street tacos in a nice restaurant. Dirt cheap and tasty. Cabeza, Al Pastor, Lengua, etc.

      Enough for now but if you have other things you wonder about, let me know.

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        Tenexpa is on Spring? When I'm in town, I cruise looking for a taqueria, but have never that one! I've only eaten at Pappi's downtown, and find their lengua good.

        I'm on the lookout now! many thanks for the tip.

        1. re: toodie jane

          Tenexpa is not on Spring. It is on Creston Road South of Niblick in a little shopping center. I don't have the address handy. But he used to be the guy that did the outdoor grilled meats at the Los Robles Cafe on the weekends before it closed.

          I also like Quatros Hermanos on Spring for a quick cheap taco fix. They specialize in Shrimp Cocktails but the Al Pastor is good.

          1. re: BeachGrub

            Tenexpa is at 1912 Creston Road, btw Niblick & Charolais, I'm looking fwd to trying it as well.

            4 Hermanos is at 7th & Spring, iirc. We really like their chile verde.

            1. re: BeachGrub

     I see,the OTHER Senior Sancho's....d'oh!!

              Had tacos at Papi's on Pine; tried the churros, nice flavor but heavy. Like they used cake dounut dough instead of pate choux dough. Carnitas was (were?!)very rich tasting. Lengua o.k. Horchata weak.

              Next visit Tenexpa!

          2. re: BeachGrub

            We'll be down for the fair this week and were wondering if there are any places that stay open late... After 9 during a weekday?

            1. re: The Ranger

              After 9 can be tough in Paso. Downtown, McLintocks usually serves food pretty late. But most other places are closing up by then. For the fair, I suspect it will be better but definitely an early to bed scene for food.