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Jul 30, 2006 11:30 PM

Seeking Non-Chain Steakhouse

I've tried Gibson's, Morton's, and W&S, but they all seemed overpriced for what I was getting. Looking for more a steak frites kind of a bistro and not a traditional steakhouse. I liked the Chophouse alright, but it's a bit stuffy for my liking. A restaurant lacking a business casual dresscode requirement would be a plus.

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  1. Easy - Custom House. Delicious. It's a Shawn McClain restaurant (Spring, Green Zebra) so you can expect a very cool ambience - not a "business casual" feel at all.

    1. I love Kiefer's, and I recently had lunch there wearing shorts and sandals. Got a nice window booth and had steak frites.

      1. Here are a few non-steakhouse restaurants that serve excellent steak at reasonable prices in a casual atmosphere;

        TANGO SUR; on Southport at Grace serves up very good Argentinian style steak and such. BYOB!

        RAW BAR: on Clark street in Wrigleyville for Amazing Persian & Egyptian spiced steak and seafood in a cool casual atmosphere for reasonable prices. This place is way underrated.

        LAS TABLAS: on Lincoln Avenue in Lakview serves very good Churrasco style Columbian Steak prepared in a variety of ways.
        Very reasonably priced food here.

        PANCHO PISTOLAS: 31st & Union 1 block east of Halsted in the Bridgeport nieghborhood. The very best Mexican Skirt Steak and other very good entree's and appetizers and well. Dirt Cheap! My only complaint is that the Margarita's are subpar.

        CELTIC CROWN/Tavern: on Western Avenue a couple of blocks south of Montrose. Not my favorite hang out but I'll let you in on a little secret. They serve up a pretty amazing $8 New York Strip Steak...yes, this is true.

        THAI AREE: On Milwaukee just south of Addison for amazing charred lime steak salad.